Save the gnomes!

Tar'Duk, is an orc unlike the others. He had a human grandfather no one knows about, not even himself. After three generations, he looks just like any other of his kind but he is far more intelligent. With his strength and brain, Tar'Duk climbed ranks and became a warband leader. They've had a streak of victories since he came in charge. The other orcs respect him and know that he is intelligent but the difference is so large that most clan members prefer to think that Tar'Duk is some kind of prophet or voyant. That explains why he always knows what fights to fight and which to abandon

Lately they took over an iron main and enslaved the gnomes there to work for them. They have now fortified the outside of the camp with a palisade wall. How will a group of adventurers defeat a large orc band? Will they attempt to negotiate with Tar'Duk? Given that he appears to be smart and reasonable?

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