Summer Celebration Series: Maker Mornings

May 31, 2019

  Dear Spinning Circle,

On June 12, 2016, I published my first post on Patreon stating that the Slack channel was coming soon, and then on June 17th, I published Episode 24. Back then, I was still recording the episodes and uploading them as a traditional podcast. As I found my way and learned the platform, Wool n’ Spinning changed and evolved into what it is now. 

Now, Wool n’ Spinning is a community of handspinners and makers who are excited to go deeper in their understanding of their craft, making and using amazing yarns, and supporting one another through not only their making process but also in life. 

I could not be more pleased and awe-struck. This year has seen many changes already – we started the 51 Yarns SAL as a community and the learning that has occurred from Jacey’s amazing book already is incredible. The number of light bulb moments that people are having again and again is inspiring and invigorating. There’s always the worry that a SAL will lose its momentum after a few weeks or months but instead, this seems to be gaining momentum – the spinning and participants that is occurring each month continues to grow.

Katrina has joined me on Wool n’ Spinning Radio to share her voice in the making community. She has so many valuable and thoughtful things to share, especially around her creative process in developing Breed & Colour Studies twice per year for us. We are eternally grateful to her and words can not express our gratitude. 

Part of hosting the podcast that has been my absolute most favourite thing to do over the past year has been the Live Streams. While they haven’t always been without their challenges (… oooh … technology ...), I appreciate your patience, kindness and support as we navigate the world of Live Streaming. It has been fun and I find myself motivated and inspired every show. 

As we celebrate 3 years together, creating this space and growing this community, I wanted to take the opportunity to spend some time celebrating. We are on the brink of summer vacation so I thought, 

What better way to celebrate 3 years but to Live Stream a Maker Morning/Evening a few times? 

We are currently working towards this Goal on Patreon so this is your chance to see what these Maker Evenings will be like, spend some time together, and give us a chance to celebrate the milestone that is 3 Years!

To celebrate, I will be hosting one per month for the next 3 months (June, July & August) – that means that through the summer, we will have THREE extra Live Streams for patrons of the community. These Live Streams will have a slightly different focus because I will be working on a project while we stream, at least for part of the stream, and explaining what I am doing, working on or problem-solving.


Saturday, June 22nd @ 8am PST

Saturday, July 27th @ 8am PST

Sunday, August 25th @ 8am PST 

I hope that by hosting these on weekends, that many will be able to join! 

Remember, to gain access you must be a patron of the community. I appreciate your ongoing support to keep Wool n’ Spinning streaming month after month, for me to continue to be able to produce content and share my learnings with you, and for the vast support you offer one another in the community day-after-day. You are all wonderful people!

For those who’ve never attended Live Streams before, the morning of or evening before the Live Stream, I post the links in a patron-only post for you to follow. Once the live stream begins, you will see me appear, as well as Chat, either at the bottom of your screen from a mobile device (scroll down) or to the side of your desktop view. For those with access to Slack, there are many in there who will help you navigate and I check posts on Patreon throughout the first 5-10 minutes to ensure there are not overarching problems with the stream. Most of the time, problems are fixable!

See you at the Marker Mornings throughout the Summer Celebration Series!



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