InitialD Arcade Stage Card Editor


This is a Card Editor for InitialD 6 AA, InitialD 7 AAX and InitialD 8 ∞ card editing.


- Supports both BIN and CRD format cards.

- Avatar editing.

- Car mods editing.

- Profile Name, Level, Mileage, Aura, Cup, Title Name, Title Effect, etc.

- Can use it as launcher.

- ELP (Extra Launch Programs) from IDASLauncher (use to start Game, UCR & Trainer with one click of a button)

- Create Game Shortcut on desktop with ELP.


- Teknoparrot 1.34B onwards

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or above

- Game files


1. Extract anywhere on your PC.

2. Run Card Editor, configure the settings.

3. You're ready to go.

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