Oil Fountains and Hazard Suits

I managed to make use of the second half of the Metadata of Fluids. Sure half the work on that was already done before, but I got a good use: Creating actually working Fountains! (Screenshot is not actually Worldgen, but it can be made ingame)

So here is basically how it works: Metadata 0 to 7 are the 8 different states for 125 to 1000 Millibuckets and 8 to 15 were unused, so I decided to use them for pressurized Fluids. Now it goes from 0 to 15 for 125 to 2000 Millibuckets in one Block. A Pressurized Oil Block will just go upwards, swapping its location with whatever Fluid Block or other Oil Block is above it, until it is finally Mid Air, then it will lose 125L each Block it jumps up until it is back to the normal 1000L and falls down regularly. I needed to figure out a lot of timings to make the Fountain actually look good while doing so, but in the end we got a nice little Geyser, and most importantly, a way for Oil Springs at Bedrock to increase Oil amount even when there is a blockage.

Side Effects of me adding this include:

  • Fixing the Fluid Rendering so that the 1000L version of all Fluids is 8/9ths of a Block tall like Vanilla Minecraft has it, as opposed to 7/8ths like Forge does it.
  • Making Oil and Natural Gas Flammable but not explosive, when it comes in contact with Fire Blocks or Lava Blocks (Not going to do that with Torches!). It wont be as stupid as Buildcraft infinitely burning Oil, it will just go "POOF, everything is on Fire now".
  • Finite Fluids are slightly more performant when moving around. There was so many Double Block-Updates I have cut down to Single Block-Updates.

Now for the replacement to the IC2 Hazmat Suit. I added Hazard Suits, which protect from specific Dangers in the typical Workshop. This means the IC2 Hazmat Suit wont protect against literally everything anymore, so prepare for it to melt away at the Crucible, because you are gonna need a Heat Protection Suit instead, made of good old Aluminium, just like in real life.

Their Recipes are mostly temporary, because they will be needing Cloth and similar which GT6 does not happen to have right now.

Ofcourse I also added a Suit to protect against Bumblebees (and Forestry Bees), and because Bear decided to show me a picture of a funny Costume. That Bumblebee Suit is literally a Bumblebee Suit, Black with yellow Stripes, Wings and all, because no Insect would ever mess with a Bumblebee!

I also added Redstone Conductor Covers, the Input ones take the Redstone Signal in, and the Output ones emit the Signal. This way you can conduct Redstone through things like Multiblock Parts so they actually arrive at the Multiblock Controller from a Side that usually would be obstructed. And ofcourse you can do the reverse and read data out of a Multiblock Controller using Redstone the other way around.

There we go again with this weeks release, have a Download Page Link for convenience, and thank you all for your Support. ^^

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