Today was our first full day of camp. Jesus shit am I tired. Hanging with a question-asking 5 year old for a while in Los Alamos helped prepare me, but that was nothing compared to being swarmed by tens of them at a time occasionally, like today, and not only having to figure out something to tell them, having to be in character while doing it.

Turns out wandering in the sweltering outdoors ACTING AS A BLIND PERSON is draining as FUCK (and I'm sure that my about to be bleeding any minute has contributed to my fatigue).

Also, I did fucking great and it was amazing and I love it and I'm a natural and everything about this is awesome and the only shit I have to complain about is petty dumb easy stuff that doesn't matter, or the weather which matters but fuck it.

Even with the picture above, a lesson plan on homer in which I scoffed and reacted to things that were said, and a few clues that we all thought would be undeniably blatant, none of the kids have figured out who I am (or rather, who Courtnee is possessed by). They all seem to have different ideas of what might be going on. Such as:


I am a shape shifter

I am a monster in disguise

I am part of the league (of monsters and machines)

I am possessed by the animus (spirit of medusa)

I am not actually blind, am really reading, cuz spy

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