Mythic Manor v0.10.1 Android APK + OBB Version [BETA]

Hey everyone, we released an alternate version of the Android APK with an OBB expansion in hopes to help solve the "App not installed" issue.

📱If the original v0.10.1 Android APK is failing to install for you, try this version!

This is slightly complicated to install. You must follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Uninstall all previous versions of the Mythic Manor app.

Step 2:
Download all of the files in the MEGA folder (the APK file [12.7MB] and the com.mythic.manor folder with  the OBB file inside [1.33GB]).

Step 3:  Install the APK file but DO NOT OPEN the game yet.

Step 4: Move the com.mythic.manor folder with the OBB file inside to the following location: "Android > obb"      
You may have to create a folder named com.mythic.manor inside of the obb folder and then move the OBB file inside of it.

Step 5: If everything is where it should be (pictured above), you can now you can open the Mythic Manor app and play! 👍


 ❗️ This is currently a beta and may or may not solve the "App not installed" issue for you. Please let us know if it works for you!

📂v0.10.1 APK/OBB Download: Click here
📂 Mirror: Click here 

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