Chapter 1, Page 19


Panel 1: The box is still stuck under the car's front wheel, trying to get free.

BOX: have car on us?

Panel 2: Alice is reaching in through the shattered window, eyes not leaving where the box is stuck.

Alice: Awwwwww, are you stuck, you little shitstain?

Alice: Let me help you with that.

Panel 3: Alice grabs the parking brake...

Panel 4: ... and releases it...

Panel 5: ... and the car rolls over the box, spraying blood that looks like packing glue and guts that look like styrofoam packing peanuts.

Panel 6: Alice watches the car roll down the hill, trying to catch her breath as the peanuts fill the air.

Alice: {hff} {hff} Okay.

Alice: A deliver package just tried to kill me.

Panel 7: An inset shot, showing the flattened delivery box monster with a tire tread over it.

Alice: That's new.

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