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#274: Turtle Racing and Early Bird Toasts



Timestamps below! Southern Charm is coming back and it’s time to learn their names again. Afterwards, we head over to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to help poor people while nonsensically fighting over nothing before joining Tour Group for a reminder of how stupid Americans can be. Fortunately, Vanderpump Rules topped it with a turtle race. Not kidding.


0-18:15 Chatter and Southern Charm Preview

18:15 Crappens Mailbag: Vanderpump Rules Housewives opening lines.

34:50 RHOBH: Kathryn makes an ass out of herself, Rinna spills the tea on Vanderpumps devious ways, and Erika laughs at nothing ever.

1:44:00 Tour Group: The douche almost doublebangs the bitter twins and a giraffe in Africa is fat shamed.

1:59:50 Vanderpump Rules: Katie withholds invitations to another party no one wants to go to, Jax gets mad at his girlfriend’s new boobs, Kristen and James were bonin’.

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