Daggers of Freeport Session 0 We are a motley crew


Our Urban D&D game

*Adult language and Roguish inspired shenanigans inside*

This is our session 0 where we cover the basic rules of the D&D game, classes, backgrounds and setting specific factions as well as some setting background for the major port city-state of Freeport for our newest D&D group. 

Well be playing ‘The Daggers of Freeport about once a month at this group of rogues and scoundrels plan heists and shenanigans from the poor ‘Southie side to the Rich ‘North shore’ of Freeport. But first, we need to make some characters…

Patreon said the file was too big so I had to split the file in two!

“Charismic…I like that word, I just invented it!”

“If I’m going to take a dump stat…”

“I saw a Fence someplace…”

The Inn will be ‘the Cats Paw’

“Like A mood ring tail…”

“There not just dice their a weapon.”

Episode 1 & 2 are here for our Patron Patrons: https://www.patreon.com/posts/daggers-of-one-27237666

Plus, a sneak peek into the lady’s murder mystery at RinCon this year!

Rincon’s link Is here: http://rincongames.com/