Temple in the Woods

Maybe it's a soft chanting that catches your ear. Or perhaps, the soft crying of a mourner; cold wind whistling through the trees; the whispers of a prayer. Whatever the sound was, when you venture to take a look you come upon a small temple. Who may have used it? Who may still use it? Could there be secrets or maybe some buried treasure or hidden holy artifacts?

The latest map for our patrons, the temple map, consists of overhead views that include the roof, upper floor, lower floor, and version of the lower floor with an indication for a secret entrance to an underground set of tunnels - and the tunnels. We're also including 3D versions of the front and each  cut-away level so you can get an idea of the inside of the building as well! 

This was a really fun one to create once I really got going. The columns inside were a blast to design, and I'm glad for the excuse to include things like the trees and stalagmites.

The map is 6.5"x9.5", though the gridded area is only 6x9. I included the additional outer edge to allow for the underground walls. This piece can also be added as a smaller scatter terrain map if you choose to trim off the ground portion as 4"x6" (though the underground is still larger, of course). I hope that works well for everyone! 

Leave comments with your thoughts below or become a patron and join our discord! We'd love to see some of our maps in action! :D

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