Page 14: process post

And we've reached the final page of the Dragon story! 

Thanks for checking out my process images along the way. 

You might have seen that I put up a pledge level on my Kickstarter that includes every pencil sketch in the comic. I made a video talking about that pledge level: 

The Pencil Sketch tier got snapped up before I could even post a campaign update about it! 

Speaking of pencil sketches, here are the drawings for this page:

And the drawings composited into their panels:

And the inks!

So that's the end of Sneaky Goblins Short Stories, but never fear, I'm still making comics! I'll soon be posting pages for a new graphic novel: Mythic Creature Trainer! Here's the cover:


I'll begin posting pages of this comic in July on So stay tuned!

Thanks again for your support. See you in the next update.


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