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I Doubt It #134 – “French Fry Theft, SCOTUS and Confederate Flag Follow-up, Dollemocracy '16 feat. Bobby Jindal's on the Issues, Gallup's Latest on the Least Appealing Presidential Candidate, Marc Maron w/ Barack Obama, Flossing Data, and Unfortunate Lawsuits”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their eating habits following a trip in In and Out, listeners emails from Dave, Alina, and Jillian, follow-up featuring the SCOTUS gay marriage prediction and the latest on all sides of the Confederate Flag debate, Dollemocracy '16 featuring Bobby Jindal On The Issues, Gallup's most recent survey revealing the type of presidential candidate that is least appealing to Americans, what Americans would rather do than flossing, Marc Maron’s interview with President Barack Obama, and a man who recorded what happened during his surgery while he was knocked out wins big!