NEW PATREON PERK COMING SOON! I really liked the idea of giving you guys n gals cool perks that you can actually use. My original idea was to create a wallpaper in Photoshop for you of your favorite game, anime, band, or whatever. That's still a cool idea and I'll keep doing it for new Patreons, but it's only one wallpaper and I still want to share more. Problem is, I don't have a lot of time to keep doing stuff like that. So instead I decided to create a new perk for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Patreon members. Starting this month and continuing every month, I will be making a post here on Patreon and uploading a collection of 10 High Quality Wallpapers of various game and original CG characters and scenes! I'll also post for ALL Patreons, "Kinetic's Pick of the Month" wallpaper that I find especially epic! Some of these wallpapers or a variation of the same wallpaper can probably be found from a simple Google search. Some of these though are rare images though. All of them are certainly high quality! By default, these wallpapers will be available in 1920x1080 format. If however you don't have that size monitor, or you simply want another size maybe for your iPad or smart phone, you can send me a msg with your request in a different size, and I'll try and customize it as soon as I can for you. :) It's not much, but I think this is something fun I can share with you all. A mystery bundle of hand picked images for the collections each month. A variety of both gaming and simply epic CG wallpapers I'm sure you'll enjoy. Thanks everyone for your support! And enjoy the awesome wallpapers! Kinetic + Kanako