emotica is out today. i will try and keep this post short, because i was hit by a car yesterday.

i was on my way to the pub. i go to the pub every wednesday. i could have taken the bus, but i decided to walk, because it was nice out, because i would have walked past the lake. i made it one block.

i saw the car before it hit me. i knew it was going to hit me, there was no chance to get out of its way. i wasn't afraid. at that point, it couldn't be helped. the car hit me. i wasn't afraid. it was just a thing that was happening. i felt a tire pass over my foot. i fell to the pavement. my sandal flew off.

two girls in school uniforms asked if i was okay. i tried to tell them that i felt fine, as i put my sandal back on, but i don't think it came out in one piece. i adjusted my skirt.

the driver asked if she should call 911 or drive me to the hospital. i picked option two. she didn't know where it was, i had to direct her. i tried to call my partner, accidentally dialed my parents. oh god. i wasn't ready to talk to my mom yet. my wrist hurt, and my side where i had fallen, and my feet. my feet had skid marks on them.

i directed her to highland hospital. i chose highland because i have no medical insurance. there's a movie about highland hospital: it's called "the waiting room." i was out in about three hours, which is some kind of record. my partner brought me books, because they thought i'd be in there for ages.

my arm is broken. it's in a sling. i showed up to the pub that way, while waiting for my prescription to be filled. i know the owner. "i got hit by a car on the way here," i told him, "and i came anyway. i figure that's worth a free drink." he paid for my drink. i'll probably give him a yelp review.

it will take my arm six weeks to heal. it's a radial fracture. no bones were displaced. her insurance is going to pay my medical bills - hopefully. she seemed very embarrassed at having smashed into me with a car. it was a little awkward. she had never hit anyone with a car before. i had never been hit with a car before.

emotica is out. i worked on it for a very long time with leon and liz. enjoy it.