Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold - A Five Part Story

Scarlett is a beautiful seductress determined to make her husband into the bisexual cuckold of her fantasies. Through orgasm denial and sensual teasing, she convinces him to dip his toe into bi play, starting with a toy and moving on to servicing her bull, Brandon. 

Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold tells this exceptionally naughty story in five parts, and when you become a Patreon supporter you can read them all. You'll find links to each part and a brief summary below:

Part 1 - Scarlett has her husband Andrew locked in a chastity device and she uses his arousal for her benefit. She lures him into a state of wild desire and convinces him that there's nothing more arousing than serving her needs. In their next session, she introduces a toy and has Andrew use his mouth on it like he was using his mouth on her bull.

Part 2 - Scarlett slowly introduces Andrew to bi cuckold play, first by kissing him after orally pleasing her bull and then by having her husband guide her bull's erection inside her. Andrew watches his wife and her bull have sex in their marital bed and his arousal becomes so overwhelming that he agrees to offer oral sex to another man.

Part 3 - Scarlett continues her husband's bi training by having him fluff her bull. Andrew does it willingly and his wife treats him to beautiful verbal humiliation that makes his locked penis throb. Andrew gets to use his mouth on Brandon's testicles during sex and he's treated to creampie cleanup when the sex is over.

Part 4 - It's in this fourth part that Scarlett truly realizes just how much she loves watching her husband give oral pleasure to her bull. She realizes that it turns her on more than almost anything, and she wants him to go deeper. For that reason, Andrew agrees to suck Brandon off. He's going to do all the work while Scarlett watches.

Part 5 - In the conclusion to the story, Scarlett wants Andrew to go all the way. She wants to see her husband take her bull's erection. She wants to see Andrew bend over and give himself up, and he's going to do it. He submits to his wife's desire. He goes fully bisexual for her.

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