a wish for something better
a wish for something better is a little single-player self-care ritual. you play it with index cards and a pen. it came from therapy, i guess, and the places i invent when i'm depressed and need to imagine somewhere to escape to: a lighthouse on a far-off shore, protected by the crashing waves, or a houseboat drifting on a quiet sea. i lit a candle one overcast morning and played it on my common room table. and i did feel a bit better afterwards.

i came up with a draft of the rules before travelling to new york for my show, intending to have more playtesting happen when i got back. but then i was hit by a car. my arm was broken in the accident and will take at least six weeks to recover. i can type, but i'm not sure how much work i'll be able to do, and therefore how much income i'll have coming in. so i put the rules in their current state in a simple pdf and put it up as a pay-what-you-want on itch.io. any money you can give is appreciated! the rest of my games are also on sale at half off!

a wish for something better was inspired by some of avery alder's games, my therapist, and my irrational romantic longing for a lighthouse.