The Young Protectors - Truth or Dare, Page 21
All righty, then. I guess there really will be no hugs.

Happy Marriage Day, everyone! (It’s something I thought I wouldn’t see until I was in my 80s or something. So nice to be wrong. A very happy day. )

Special news here at the Patreon page — Marccus has finished painting the Full Monty version of Kyle, and it’s awesome!


I love what Marccus did with this – Kyle’s sweet smile, the rendering of his skin (love that elbow lol!), the ginger body hair, all of it.

I liked his smile so much, I created a “safe-for-work” wallpaper version for my Patrons’ desktop computers which you can see above.

And of course, I also created another wallpaper for all Patrons that shows off Marccus’ beautiful painting of Kyle’s whole body. Definitely check that out. :)

So! Looks like Tsunami has answered his question. Now it’s his turn to ask Fluke a question our lucky hero doesn’t want to answer. What will that question be? And what secrets will we learn?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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