LBIP candidates (Load Bearing Internet People)

This is a post in support of ESR's new Load Bearing Internet People concept (LBIP,  ), of "loadsharers", and "loadbearers", and "advisors". 

As an advisor... my first order filter is: "folk doing desperately needed, difficult to understand, and unsupported work". There are hundreds of folk involved in the bufferbloat project, and thousands of other people doing needed work and bleeding edge research all over the internet stacks that's not bloat-related. I've pinged a few more folk to see if they could use some help or not. A billion more people can benefit from fixing their bufferbloat, if only we knew how to reach them. But first up:

Jonathan Morton - principal author of sch_cake, which is the bufferbloat userbase's latest and greatest attempt at minimizing latency for users across the edge of the internet ( ) . Cake went into openwrt 3 years ago and into linux 4.19 last august. Jonathan is presently laboring mightily to prove out a new idea in lossless congestion control. If you are a cake supporter you can throw him a few bucks via paypal to his chromatix99 at gmail dot com address.

Sebastian Moeller - he's been a tireless educator and maintainer of the smart queue management (sqm-scripts) subsystem, which is used not only by openwrt but in many other products. He's presently helping "battlenonsense" produce a youtube video about the vital importance of getting SQM "frame compensation" right for DSL and cable technologies. Not doing that right is the single biggest error in nearly every mis-configuration of the bufferbloat-fighting stuff we know of, and it's really difficult to explain! He's not willing to take any money for what he does, but drop him a email at moeller0 at gmx. dot de if you can help.


*All* the openwrt folk ( ) They build the most advanced and secure embedded linux OS on the planet. They are prepping a new release as I write - which is really hard!!! - and either find someone you know, like kevin, , off of that link , or send a donation via their SPI sponsors:

... And reflash your router with their OS, if you haven't already.  Friends don't let friends run factory firmware!

I will add more to this post as time goes by, and I thank you all for the support you've given me - and hope that if you fix the bloat for on your internet link, that you also go forth and help fix it for at least two more people., your office, your local coffee shop, etc. The network you save may be your own.

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