Only 6,000 People


Congrats! You are now one of only 6,000 people with access to our private podcast. That's right, The Minimalists have decided to limit our Patreon support to 6,000 total patrons. 


Because we want our private podcast to be private. Because this is the place for new ideas, sensitive subjects, and difficult conversations. Because a small, private listenership allows us to go deep with a trusted group of people without fear of ridicule, judgment, or misunderstanding. Because 6,000 people is enough: it's our minimum viable audience

Enough to pay for our studio space and equipment. Enough to pay our producer, filmmaker, and social-media manager. Enough to pay ourselves without cluttering our podcast with ads. Enough to keep things simple.

So, in the spirit of keeping things simple, we’ll now have just two tiers:

$2 | Patrons. Exclusive access to The Minimalists Private Podcast audio feed, which includes Patreon-only "Maximal" episodes. Limited to 5,000 people.

$5 | True Fans. Exclusive access to the The Minimalists Private Podcast audio and video "Maximal" episodes. Plus, monthly "Ask The Minimalists" video Q&As and unreleased recordings of future live events. Based on Kevin Kelly's 1,000 True Fans. Limited to 1,000 people.

Note: we removed our unpopular $3 video tier, but if you're one of those 195 supporters, you're grandfathered in (or you can switch to either option above).

This message is simply an update. No action is required on your part. You can change tiers at anytime on our Patreon page (as long as there's still room).

As a reminder, if you want to listen to our private podcast on your favorite podcast app, use these instructions. Also, you can interact with other patrons on our private Community Tab.

Exciting times!

—Joshua & Ryan

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