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As my second month on Patreon comes to an end, I'm still not quite done setting everything up, but I'm getting a better feel of what works for me and what doesn't.

If you look at my pledge rewards, you may notice I've changed a few things. No mention of early access anymore, for starters. That clearly doesn't work for me because my Patreon updates seem to work best if I link them to the posts - which need to already exist for that. Instead, I've got into the habit of presenting alternate edits (if I have them) and additional info.

Speaking of the rewards, I've pumped the larger ones up a bit. You don't need ot pledge $20 anymore to get free ebooks - although you may not get all of the ebooks for $5. As for the free downloads - I kept that vague on purpose, but I'm thinking desktop motives and stuff.

For $20
, on top of all the ebooks, I've added print rewards - pending a reality check when the first new print books are released. Some of these may be limited by region or just limited (in numbers)  or require extra pay for postage and stuff. And it might not work for every book. But the idea is to get at least some books your way because at $20 a month, you might as well have bought those anyway.

I've also added another milestone goal because there just weren't enough. At $15,000, I'll write (and possibly draw) a graphic novel. That's pretty much an inside joke for German comics people, which is why I'll set it at some point in Germen history. 'cause that's how GN are done in Germany. Either that or biographies or novel adaptations or childhood memories. But those wouldn't really be graphic novels, would they? They'd be graphic biographies, graphic adaptations and graphic memoirs (or, as I've once tweeted, graphic navels).

Still working on my little promotional video for this campaign. I'm in details land right now, where I'm fiddling about with the small stuff and finding more small stuff to fiddle about with.


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