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During last night's #storydam chat on Twitter, Tui Snider suggested using WorkFlowy as a way to keep all of your projects in order - to find balance as you work toward your goals. So, I tried it out today.

Turns out, I already had an account! lol

Apparently, I experimented with it as a way to keep everything straight when we moved from Maryland to Montana six years ago. Good news? I did almost everything on the lists I'd made! Bad news? I have no memory of using the app, so I'm not sure how effective it'll be this go-round.

I wanted to figure out how to cross off an item visually, rather than delete it. If I delete it, there's no satisfaction for me. I stumbled across this video of a writer who uses templates to outline and brainstorm using WorkFlowy.

The meat of the video starts at the two-minute mark. He never shows how to download templates or to cross off items, BUT I was still intrigued. Some of what he does is similar to what I do in Scrivener when I start writing a long-form story, but I like this better because of how much easier it is locate and see while you're working. Scrivener has "drawers" that I forget are there. I like that you can see the whole thing at once in this program. I also like the option of fast brainstorming for prompts found online.

Now, I'm a notebook lover. I always have several in different stages of completion for different projects, but I'm notoriously lousy at outlines. It's one of my goals to get better at plotting out stories to see if that helps me be more productive. Notebooks don't work for me for plotting because I can't move things around or erase easily as they change. I do A LOT of erasing when I work. 

You know those kids who end up with holes in their paper and crinkled soft edges to everything they hand in? Yeah, I'm that kid. Using paper means I have to visualize it all in my head before I put it down, and if I could do that, why would I need the notebook at all?

The other advantage to this over a notebook is that it's automatically indexed, especially with the hashtag use. That's one huge frustration with notebooks - finding what you wrote!

I'm going to go dig around some more on WorkFlowy's website to see if I can figure out how to cross off completed lines, and to see where those templates live. This is all the free version at this point, but I'm willing to try it for a month at a sub level to see if it makes a difference in my work.

Oh, and an update on the Scapple mind-mapping app! I mapped out the possibilities of that short story the same day I did the post on it, and yesterday I was able to get the first half straightened out and finished! Today, I plan to map out the other half and...SFWA here I come!

Thanks for reading!

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