Summer Solstice Salutations

As I celebrate with nature the achievement of turning the corner into summer, I send gratitude to all the beings of nature responsible for all the aspects of life that continue with or without me.  I take this moment to bow deeply in thanks for the creation of life on this planet and the connection to all that is.  

As I tend to do, part of this process for me is to look into the astrological sentence of this moment of solstice. I offer you my interpretation of the themes of the next six months. We will be riding the axis of work/career and home/family AKA Capricorn and Cancer.  

In this axis we ask: How do I survive? How do I provide for my family?  What is the legacy I am leaving this world?  Is the imprint of my life the one I want to be leaving? What is the imprint of my family of origin?

 The major themes of this time:

*Change of work or foundation of career ( Pluto, Saturn, conjunct the south node in Capricorn). Change of home or family ( Mars and Mercury conjunct the north node in Cancer with the Sun).  This can be literally moving where you live or work.  In my case moving my work space to my home.

 *Sorting of priorities.  Rescheduling your life so that what is truly most important to you is on top of your list of things to do.  (Mercury and Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto on the nodes) Also, healing deep family imprints.  Healing things that did not begin with you.

*Building sustainable structures at your home that nourish and nurture your connection the world around you. Permaculture design and natural building should be very interesting to people these days (Uranus in Taurus sextile Sun at solstice 0 degrees Cancer)

The themes will play out differently for each person depending on your personal Chart.  If you need support navigating the places you are being asked to make big changes I am here for you. 

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