Storage Moving Issues? Duct Tape can fix it!

Surely Duct Tape can fix Allergies too, just cover your intake holes and your skin with it and you're fine. (don't actually do that if you are a human, humans need air)

Lets start with the random IRL stuff this time, so remember last year around June when I complained about my Asthma Inhaler triggering some sort of Migraine (I thought it was epilepsy at first, but then i got told epilepsy is way worse than what I have) which screws me over when I sleep? Well I ofcourse stopped using it after that, since it seemed like a bad idea. Well it's June again, and low and behold I happen to have the same issue again this time without using an Inhaler, so correlation was ofcourse not causation and I now suspect that I have some sort of Seasonal Summer Allergy ontop of me being very heat sensitive, so I have one more reason to hate Summer.

Allergy Tests are typically made in Autumn, while there is no Allergy Season that could influence the Result, so I gotta wait a few months before I can get that fully confirmed. It is also weird that it only happens while I am in a horizontal position (such as while in bed), and not while I do anything else. Heck I could probably just attempt to sleep in a chair just to test that, though I would need a comfy chair for that because otherwise it ends in back pain from sitting for too long.

As for the Heat Issues I am trying to avoid as much as possible, going nocturnal would not have helped anyways, because it takes the whole night for my room to cool back down, and I rather sleep while it's that hot than waste the time that it is cold enough on something that isn't working on GT6, so I am somewhat sleeping like a normal person now and wake up at around 7am instead of 12 at noon. And ofcourse I can only use the CPAP while it is not so hot that I sweat on the contact points of the mask...

I so cannot wait for the weather next week to be so insanely hot that I cant do anything after lunch apart from going to the basement where it is cold enough to be at. Ofcourse without WiFi, because the Router cant go through 2 floors. Good that there is still a ton of my moms old Paperwork down there that needs to be sorted and trashed.

Now finally for the Changes:

  • I improved Loading Times again! Turns out removing Furnace Recipes can be quite a lot of effort if it's done with O(n²) instead of O(n).
  • Some Materials such as Adamantium were not UUM fabricatable, so I fixed that.
  • The Vitriol Electrolyzation Recipes got changed, so they now output Sulfuric Acid directly. This does require additional Water Input and also the Selector Tag to be 1 instead of 0.
  • The Lightning Processor can now make H2O2 and a few other things!
  • And ofcourse, Duct Tape! It has the same purpose that it has in the Drawers Mod, but with the twist that it uses durability based on how many Items are inside the Item Barrel or Mass Storage at the time that you want to pick it up, and that once you placed it back down, you have to use a Knife or Scissors to remove the Tape again before it becomes usable. I might change the Recipes for the Tape once I have better crafting Items for "clothy" "fabricy" things.

There we go again, I hope changing my sleeping schedule again will help with the Heat Issues properly now. Have a Download Page Link for convenience and ofcourse as always, thank you all for your Support. :3

Oh also I changed/added a lot of Stuff to the "Design Document" for the Game that I am gonna work on next year. Might be worth a look. ^^

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