[HS] HSStandard 1.0.2

"Small" update for HSStandard, nothing extremely exciting here, just some fixes and additions in order to be more "futureproof". 

What's new?

- Fixed some fuckery that happened with certain hair using the custom "PBRsp_alpha_blend" shader.

- The ways hair are handled was slightly changed, this might (or might not) fix certain hair that were "buggy" (yes, I know, this sentence is very vague but I can't explain more without going into too much details).

- Face blush and cum now have a dedicated shader. This was made to fix the color difference that would happen between the body and the head when using a projector from RendererEditor on the neck part.

- The animated two colors shader is now replaced as well (mech parts are affected for example).

 - Fixed certain items using the Two Layers Culloff Cutout shader (hopefully it didn't break something else).

Requirements (for first time users)

Illusion Plugin Architecture 

A fully updated game with the latest patch (6/30 patch, under "Game Updates").


Version 1.0.2 (Mega)