Weekly Links 6.23.19

A weekly update of content from around the web including modern takes on the ancient world, material related to this past week’s articles, and a look at what our editorial staff is reading.

This week: 

Fragments of Sappho’s grocery lists.

The Instagram of Sisyphus.

Addressing the divide between archaeology and Classics.

How to chair an academic committee.

The evil robots of the ancient world.

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Donna Zuckerberg: I was traveling this week, I've got nothing.

Sarah Scullin: Knitting site Ravelry's new policy against support of Trump; "a perfect, preemptive obituary for my ex-boyfriend"; acclaimed aviation journalist William Langewiesche investigates the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370; on diet and cancer; Star Trek's warp drive and the mystery of anti-matter; on links between the middle-aged male suicide epidemic and the rise of guns, poverty, and isolation; the pseudoscience behind the "wellness industry."

Yung In Chae: The story of Barnes and Nobles’ secret literary fellowship (and the rampant racism that led to its demise), a profile of Elizabeth Warren, a good explainer of the differences between Warren and Bernie Sanders and what they mean for the American left’s future, how Fleabag makes us complicit in her self-destruction, the best abortion ever, an interview with Donna Haraway, a thinker for our times and maybe beyond them, the photographer who documents domestic abuse, the lie of feminist meritocracy, why we keep begging celebrities to kill us, what is writing and does this count as it? 

Tori Lee: A memoir on anorexia and high school friendship; the rise of WeWork and its “community” of sharing; when you’re told you’re too fat to get pregnant; these researchers dropped 17,000 wallets around the globe to study honesty; how to dig a boob trench at the beach.

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