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Ngen Mapu is our final Fate World.

Behold! Felipe Real's world of South American urban fantasy, Ngen Mapu, is our Fate World of Adventure for June 2019. You can download it now from DriveThruRPG. If you stay a patron long enough to be charged for this release at the end of the month, you should feel free to download it for $0 and zero guilt. :)

Gorgeously illustrated by Joyce Maureira, this is a world we are especially proud of, and one we can't stop drooling over. Seriously, you owe yourself a look at this one.

Ngen Mapu is also the last world we'll be putting out as a part of this Patreon. After payments go through at the end of the month, we'll be shuttering this and moving on to other projects. 

It's possible the Patreon may be reborn with a new mission at some later point, but for the short term we'll simply be letting the 40+ Worlds we created with your help speak for themselves. Taken as a whole it's an incredible accomplishment! You enabled us to showcase the vast variety of possible settings that Fate Core can support, and your support has made them easily available to the world at the click of a button. 

Ultimately, the simple fact of the matter is that the money raised per release no longer comes close enough to covering its costs. And post-patreon pay-what-you-want sales do not reliably make up the difference. Thanks to your support we've come close to breaking even on many of our releases, and occasionally turned a modest profit on the more popular ones. But long-term, it has been clear from the trend-line that creating more Worlds would continue to lose us money — not to mention the impact it has on our core staff's ability to focus on all the other projects we have going on at the Hat. (All the more critical to manage following our relatively-recent scaling back we announced late last year.)

We sincerely appreciate all the support we've gotten over the years. Some of you have made frankly incredible contributions to making this line of nearly four dozen settings possible.  

And on that note, I personally owe our Insiders an apology. When we launched this Patreon I thought it would be much easier than it turned out to be to give you all sorts of previews and tidbits and inside looks at the process ... but the fact of the matter is, I often dropped the ball simply because that ambition didn't line up with the processes of reality. Usually by the time I got a chance to look at something in good enough shape to "leak" to our Insiders, the World in question was already pretty close to release. I also continually had enough on my plate (still do) that making the additional time necessary to provide these sorts of looks just wasn't there. And so I let the problem roll on forward, silently, while our Insiders provided much of the financial backbone that made all of these Worlds possible.

That's no good, and I need to figure out how to make it up to those who went above and beyond with their patronage. I've set a goal of figuring that out in July, after the last billing goes through so I can have a definitive list and sense of who's contributed what towards making all these wonderful Worlds a reality. (I don't mind getting suggestions!) 

In the coming months and years we'll also be looking at making time — where possible — for adding print-on-demand options to the Worlds we've released. I expect that process to be slow, but I want to make sure we keep it on the radar. It's clear that some people want various Worlds in print form, even if our various experiments trying to get the Worlds in print either individually or in compilations have shown that there isn't enough demand out there to have them printed traditionally. That's exactly the sort of circumstance that POD was created to address — we just need to find the right angle for making sure we invest time and money in that effort the smart way.

And so, that's all she wrote. It's been a thrilling ride end to end, and we are simply delighted to have been able to bring as many worlds and voices to you all over the past five years. Regardless of the financial success, it's a vast, formidable creative success, one that has been good for our souls and, we hope, one that's provided you the best possible takes on Fate for your reading and playing pleasure. 

We hope we'll see you around, here and elsewhere, in the years to come! If you haven't yet, now might be a good time to sign up for our mailing list so you can stay in tune with what we've got going on at the Hat: 


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