Cōnfābulātiōnēs Tīrōnum Litterāriōrum, Hermannus Schottennius Hessus | Entire Audio Book in One Location

Cōnfābulātiōnēs Tīrōnum Litterāriōrum by Hermannus Schottennius Hessus, an Audio Course in Developing Fluent & Erudite Latin Speaking Ability. Schottennius, like Pontanus above, composed over 100 absolutely splendid, entertaining, and relatable dialogues with nearly impeccable Latinity.  While these dialogues will challenge even an advanced Latin speaker or reader, you will find them much easier than the Progymnasmata Latīnitātis by Pontanus. For this reason, I recommend starting with some of these Confābulātiōnēs, then trying the Progymnasmata. In fact, this is not merely an audio book, but an entire course which, like the Dē Variīs Colloquendī Fōrmulīs audio book ( https://www.patreon.com/posts/27883912 ), breaks each line of dialogue into digestable phrases that the listener may repeat, first in English, then in Latin. Thereafter the full dialogue only in Latin is heard at conversational speed.

Confabulatio 001 freely available to the public! 🤠🦂🌵 (Subsequent episodes available to Maecēnātiānī Tier patrons) 

Confabulatio 002 

Confabulatio 003 

Confabulatio 004 

Confabulatio 005 

Confabulatio 006 

Confabulatio 007 

Confabulatio 008 

Confabulatio 009 

Confabulatio 010 

Confabulatio 011 

Confabulatio 012 

Confabulatio 013 

Confabulatio 014 

Confabulatio 015 

Confabulatio 016 

Confabulatio 017 

Confabulatio 018 

Confabulatio 019 

Confabulatio 020 

Confabulatio 021 

Confabulatio 022 

Confabulatio 023 

Confabulatio 024 

Confabulatio 025 

Confabulatio 026 

Confabulatio 027 

Confabulatio 028 

more to come!

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