Achievement Unlocked! Patreon EXCLUSIVE Art Series
It's a glorious day!  I've finally reached 10 Patrons here on Patreon, which means we have now unlocked my Patreon-ONLY collectible series!

My Patrons now get to vote on what the next series of paintings I work on will be.  Best of all, this series is going to be available to collect ONLY through Patreon!  Here are the topics we have to choose from:

A) Archangels - A series depicting my interpretation of the archangels (STYLE: Art Nouveau or Semi-realism)

B) Cake Dresses - A series of fanciful ladies wearing dresses inspired by cakes. (STYLE: Art Nouveau) 

C) Butterfly Masquerade - A series of butterflies masquerading as whimsical Fae ladies (and gentlemen!) dressed up for a mystical masquerade. (STYLE: Art Nouveau)

D) Ladies of the Months* - A series of ladies wearing fashions inspired by the gemstones and flowers that represent each month of the year. (STYLE: Art Nouveau)

E) Video Game Nouveau** - My favorite characters from my favorite video games (ie. Mass Effect, Fatal Frame, etc.) painted with a Nouveau flourish! (Art Nouveau)

F) Flower Mythology - My favorite myths about the origins of flowers in painted illustrations. (Art Nouveau or Semi-realism)

G) Women of History - Heavily researched portraits of my favorite female figures from history much like Rejected Princesses. (Art Nouveau or Semi-realism)

* I've already started this series, but I would come up with a special edition version for Patreon. I'm thinking a metal embossed set of prints!

** If this topic is chosen, we'll vote on which specific sub-topic to move forward with later.

Cast your vote in comments!  List which series you're interested in and I'll tally up which topics get the most votes by the end.  You CAN vote for more than one!

Results to be announced July 10th, so get your votes in soon!

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