Kimberly New York is back with something new for the fellas...

Jun 25, 2019

Kimberly New York 👇🏾 🛒

I first noticed Kimberly New York from her feature in Essence magazine a few years back spotlighting her fragrances. I never thought that one day a few years later that I would be interviewing her for my own magazine. Since our speaking via Scent Gents Radio a year back, Kimberly has released a new fragrance for men, I&I.

SG: What inspired your newest fragrance?

KNY: As a Jamaican growing up around Rastafarian culture, I learned the term “I and I”. It means - the God-force within. As a believer in God, the concept always resonated with me.

SG: What are the notes and how did you come about choosing them?

KNY: Notes:

top - fresh coriander + mint tea

middle - Ylang Ylang + oakmoss

base - signature sandalwood blend

I wanted to create the ultimate, fresh out of the shower scent for men. Something non-offensive and as pure as the “I and I” expression.

SG: This is your 2nd men’s fragrance from your collection, what makes I&I different from Echelon?

KNY: ECHELON is super masculine, bold, woodsy and earthy. It has depth and weight- best worn in cool weather. I&I is not comparable to ECHELON- I&I is meant to be worn on those scorching summer days. It’s airy, light and fresh.

SG: How do you feel about selling a men’s fragrance as a woman? Is it any more or less difficult than selling women’s fragrances?

KNY: Great question! Women know what we like a man to smell like. In the same breath, as a woman, I understand how to appeal to women. I’ve discovered that men gravitate to either bold or fresh scents. When men find something they like- they stick with it. Women’s preferences are ever changing.

SG: The atomizer on I&I is very good, how important is that to you as a designer?

KNY: I want my customer to begin their experience with my fragrances as soon as they pick up the bottle. Weighty bottles add a luxe feel, and an intentional spray is important for even placement on the skin.

SG: A lot of people don’t know that you were actually a fragrance sales manager for 10 years. Can you tell us a little more about that?

KNY: During my 10-year career as a niche fragrance sales manager, I sold an array of exclusive and intriguing fine fragrances to an extensive clientele. I noticed, although fragrance consumers were ethnically diverse, rarely did I encounter a fragrance brand that featured black models; and, never did I encounter a fragrance brand led by a black, female perfumer.

Inspired by the lack of inclusivity in the world of luxury fragrance, I began studying fragrance composition and chemistry in 2015. After learning the science of fragrance, I decided to try my hand at creating my own, signature scent. Artsy eau de parfum was born, after dozens of trials and errors, in May 2016, and continues to be my everyday fragrance.

SG: Now, I’ve noticed that you’ve mentioned before that your products are safe enough to spray on skin and hair. A lot of people suggest not spraying fragrances in your hair due to certain chemicals that may damage it. What makes your products safe to spray on hair?

KNY: High oil content and soft solvents make my fragrances non-drying.

SG: I noticed on your website you have a personality test. Tell us what that is and how you came up with that?

KNY: Personality test helps people figure out which scent is best for them. It’s just a fun way of playing around with the fragrance assortment. The absolute best way to discover Kimberly New York is to purchase the discovery set and see how each scent works with your personal chemistry!

SG: Are there any boutiques or stores in the Local or national area where we can find some of your fragrances?

KNY: Not yet, I’m working on getting my scents in different boutiques and apothecaries nationally.

SG: What’s next for Kimberly New York?

KNY: Right now I am working on enhancing my social platforms and honing my craft. I’m happy with my brand offering for now, but will definitely expand into different product categories in the future. For instance, lotions and bath products.

SG: Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to sit down and answer a few questions. I’ll be out in your area sometime next month and look forward to a video interview.

KNY: Awesome! I can’t wait!

-Derek Ford

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