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at last....THE NINJATED LIVE ALBUM!!!! {official Thing}

(public post)

WELL HELLO THERE...i FINALLY have a live NINJA TED record for you!


yes. FINALLY. it only took like, oh, a goddamn year.

but with so many people involved and the album coming out....yeah. 

it just took a long-ass time. 


and guess what else? it is SO SO SO SO GREAT.

i was honestly not expecting to be as excited about the recording and flow quality as i am, but i just listened to the entire show and DAMMIT this record of this evening is a small masterpiece of sound, learning, laughter, and total straight-up weirdness.

some of you were actually THERE at the show....but here's the backstory, if you missed it.

back in april 2018 i threw my annual #NINJATED benefit concert in vancouver.

i first started doing these thrown-together variety concerts back in 2014, the year after i did my 2013 TED talk about asking.

the way the first NINJATED came together was amazing....i tweeted the locals to see if anyone wanted to host a little salon of random TED & local people/performers, so that the community of vancouver could share in the talent & brains that TED brings to town without paying a gazillion dollars to get into the conference.

less than 48 hours later the vogue theater had put up their hand to loan the theater for free, and we decided to fill it with people and pass the hat for the greater vancouver food bank. the guests that first year included people from TED like musician imogen heap, canadian astronaut-hero chris hadfield (on guitar!), my local pal & local pacific northwester jason webley hopped up,  a football player names chris kluwe talked about empathy, social scientist amy cuddy shared her work, and del harvey, from the "spam and abuse" department of twitter got on stage and made us all laugh. it was total chaos and a total blast.....we made up the order on the fly and it was just one of the best. nights. ever. we also raised a ton of money for people who needed food.

there's a great article about it here in the local vancouver paper:

i had so much fun that i did it again the next year. 

and then again.

it became a tradition.

and LAST YEAR, when i was there at TED in 2018, WE TOOK PATREON MONEY and RECORDED THE WHOLE GIG.

i didn't know who was going to be on stage until that WEEK, and some guests literally joined the day before or the day of. i wasn't precious about it. i just wanted to have a fuckin blast as usual.

it was, again, amazing. chaos, random, amazing chaos.

here is the original poster that designer andrew nelson made for the show....(also sold at the show, to raise money for el food bank):

i'm working to put the extra posters up for sale on my webstore for $5 with all proceeds going to the food bank. get it, here:

if you're in the $100+ tiers stay tuned, i'll give a poster to whomever wants one.

and here's the original patreon post i put up about the concert....

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, let's listen!!!!!!!!!!

we decided to put the album up FOR CHARITY, since the patreon $$ covers all the basics. we aren't putting it on the DSPs (digital service providers, i.e. iTunes, spotify, amazon music) to keep things simple, we are making it available ONLY to patrons as a download (for the download tier folk) and other than that, on bandcamp only.

here is the new artwork, also made by andrew nelson, with photos taken at the actual event by photographer rachel pick!

$3 patrons will be getting their downloads in a second (once i publish the post this link will take you there: )

$5 special-weird-stuff patrons are going to get a super-special patron-only video of the moment where joseph gordon-levitt & neil read sandman! we don't want to post that one on the wide ol' internet. 

here is the link to the whole album on bandcamp....


really.......PLEASE please share this album! tell people about it!....this one is a word-of-mouth special. we aren't sending it out to the NEWS. 





also note that this post is public, feel free to share the link to this post, too!


HERE IS THE ENTIRE LIST OF TRACKS AND PERFORMERS, with handy links, and a few extra words from some of the performers.....

1. Amanda Palmer + Sarah Shandl - Backstage 

sarah stage managed the show and has been part of NINJA TED since its beginning when she volunteered on twitter to be our stage manager.

2. Jason Webley with Amanda Palmer - Icarus
@jasonwebley on twitter

3. Amanda Palmer - In My Mind
@amandapalmer on twitter

4. Geoff Berner - Super Subtle Folk Song
@geoffberner on twitter

some words from geoff:

“Did that all really happen? I've never felt so much vertigo backstage as at these events, hanging around with legendary pioneers of American dance, literary heroes, activists who'd changed the world, movie stars getting ready to play backup on drums, and you know, the Astronaut. I think the audience had a wonderful time, too. All brilliantly put together on the fly by Ms. Palmer Herself. It's a supreme understatement to say that it was a great privilege to be there.”  

5. Paul Rucker - Cello Improvisation/Strange Fruit

paul's REWIND exhibition:
@blackcellist on twitter

6. Amanda Palmer - The Manifesto 

7. Sarah Parcak - Egypt Love Poetry
@indyfromspace  on twitter

8. LADAMA - Sin Ataduras  
@ladamaproject on twitter

some words from lara klaus, drums and vocals:

"Giving a TED TALK made us feel very excited but nervous at the same time. Playing at NinjaTED the night before our talk brought us to a place of confidence and sharing and that definitely gave us a lot of energy. So honored to have met so many incredible artists that day!"  

9. LADAMA - Pajarillo 

10. Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski - Genitals Song
@emilynagoski on twitter

some words from emily:

 "Ninjated was the most fun part of my TED experience! Bless Amanda Palmer's cotton socks." 

11. Sarah Kay with Joshua Roman - Brother/Bach Cello Suite No. 1
@kaysarahsera on twitter

12. Joshua Roman - Julie-O
@joshua_cello on twitter

13. Maria Popova and Neil Gaiman - Hymn To Time/The Mushroom Hunters
@brainpicker on twitter
@neilhimself on twitter

14. Mike Posner - I Took a Pill in Ibiza
@mikeposner on twitter

NOTE: this song is not available to stream or download individually on bandcamp but it's included as part of the whole album download. long story why, but let's just say i'm glad i have this patreon and i'm not on a label. so if you're looking for this track specifically, get the whole album on bandcamp or as part of the $3+ download tier patron downloads.

15. Evelyn, Evelyn - Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn
@evelynevelyn on twitter

16. Adam Savage - Brain Candy
@donttrythis on twitter

some words from adam: 

“If there’s one thing that everyone who attends TED can attest to, it’s that TED can we weird. And overwhelming. And stepping out for an evening to dance and sing and play with Amanda and whoever else she’s press-ganged into performing, is a deeply loving, deeply grounding experience. I’ll always come play when she calls.“ 

17. Riz Ahmed - Stand Up
@rizmc on twitter

18. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lili Haydn, Jaron Lanier, and Neil Gaiman - An extract from 'Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes'
@hitRECordJoe on twitter

19. Jaron Lanier, Lili Haydn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt - The Birth of the Bits
@lilihaydn on twitter

some words from lili:

“I’m grateful to have been plucked out of the celebrated TED conference and find myself in this virtual reality of storytellers and troubadours, simultaneously iconoclastic and reverent, all of us dancing with the muse.  This kind of spontaneous free flow is what makes life worth living.” 

20. Jason Webley with The Carnival Band - I Made a Promise to The Moon

@thecarnivalband on twitter

21. Full Cast - Let The Sunshine In

this features everyone above

this is best listened to with headphones.
for you audio nerds out there, this was mixed for full immersion using Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones 

again....all proceeds from the download will be donated to the greater vancouver food bank. the show itself earned nearly $20,000 and we will check in a little later to report how much the bandcamp downloads make!


Recorded live at the Vogue Theater in Vancouver, Canada

Recording Services by Gearforce

Mixed by Frank Verderosa 

Stage manager: Sarah Shandl 

Photography: Rachel Pick (

Cover art design: Andrew Nelson




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