Colonial Beach, Nicest Place In Virginia! But In America?


Colonial Beach, Nicest Place In Virginia! But In America?

By Colonial Beach News

According to Reader's Digest Colonial Beach has been voted Nicest Place In Virginia, which has put our little town in the running for the national contest. Colonial Beach now stands a one-in-fifty chance to be named the nicest place in America.

Reader's Digest has been running this contest for three years now, but more about that later.

Colonial Beach was nominated for the Nicest Place In Virginia by Caryn Self-Sullivan and Katrina Price. The women submitted an essay highlighting the numerous volunteer organizations including the Colonial Beach Community Foundation which kick started most of today's volunteer ventures and organizations in Colonial Beach.

The women also recognized the fundraising efforts of BAMM who contribute to our Children's Educational Needs.

The Torrey Smith Rec-Center, Coach Steve Swope and all the citizens and business donations were also showcased in the nomination article.

Editors from Reader's Digest interviewed both Caryn and Katrina to help get a better understanding of Colonial Beach and its citizens. Caryn and Katrina talked about the relaxed environment of Colonial Beach, how it caters to walking, biking, golf carts and pet owners through bike paths and understanding motorists, who share the roads.

The friendly atmosphere of folks greeting others as they pass on the street or boardwalk and the fact that most motorists often wave or wave back, were traits that were also highlighted in the essay.

Another example the ladies used to describe the town's tendency towards random acts of kindness and pulling together, was the response of residents from the South end of town helping those on the point who suffered serious damage from straight line winds a few years ago.

The contest focuses on communities that are committed to promoting kindness, good health and community trust. According to the contest, nominees can be as large as a city or as small as a block or business.

Reader's Digest said the goal of the contest is to instill faith in humanity and encourage people to live better and become “better friends, relatives and neighbors.”

You can read the Reader's Digest Article and vote for Colonial Beach to be named the Nicest Place In America by clicking here.

Click the link below to Reader's Digest and learn more about the contest, meet the 50 places currently voted as the Nicest Places In America by browsing the state map and meet the judges.

To view the 50 Nicest Places In America and learn more about Reader's Digest's contest click here.

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