Depression and Community

So I’ve got to be just about the luckiest person alive among western adult game devs.

Earlier this month, I had a pretty gnarly bout of depression. As some  of you may already know, I have a mental illness known as dysthymia  (also known as persistent mood disorder). It is a form of depression  that is usually more mild and easier to deal with. Usually it  hits pretty bad about once a month, for only a few days, and I’m able to  deal with it and move on. I’m pretty used to dealing with it, plus I  have a great support network at home to help me get through when I am  feeling down. I’ve been feeling this way ever since I was a child-  although I was only diagnosed and able to fit a name to it a few years  ago- so this really isn’t anything new.

For whatever reason, this month was pretty bad, and my “down” period  lasted somewhere in the neighbourhood of about two weeks. When I enter  into one of these depressive phases, I become unable to focus on things  for very long, and being creative becomes particularly challenging.  Failure is especially difficult to deal with, and finding myself unable  to write anything of substance, figure out a bit of logic or code, or  even failing to make progress playing video games can shut me down for  hours.

“But NoMoshing,” you may find yourself wondering, “If you’re whining  about being depressed, why did you start off this blog post saying how  lucky you are?”

It’s because of you all. The Harem Collector community has to be one  of the most welcoming, understanding, and supporting communities in the  western adult game sphere. You’ve always been patient and understanding  with me when these sorts of situations crop up, and I am constantly  astounded and humbled by your continued trust and support every time.

When I solicited ideas of what to write for today’s blog post on  Discord, and awesome fan Sad suggested writing something about the  community, this is the first thing I thought of. It is a genuine  privilege to have you all as fans, and I hope I continue to be worthy of  your trust in the future. You’re all so amazing, and I look forward to  entertaining you even more, like always. Thank you.

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