I just posted an update to my Patreon Milestone Goals. (and don't think I've forgotten about Poke-Pawn; it's never left my mind) Your donations have gotten me so close to being self-employable that I've decided to put my mouth where your money is, so to speak. It strikes me now, that I don't want your generosity to go to waste. The real money you have given me has created a platform which, if ignored, could evaporate at any time, and would amount to an awful loss and a horrible waste of your good will. And I don't want that. I've never been anything but serious about making this channel a success from day one. Rarely in my life have I known what I wanted to do, set out to do it, and carried on until it was done. But with this I have never wavered. Not for an hour or a minute out of the past two years and one day have I entertained the thought of giving up on making this channel a success. I want to be... No. I AM an Entertainer. And nothing less will do. I have crunched the numbers and measured what I would be capable of given another thirty hours per week to dedicate to this and to all of you. And I've set the figure. If donations can carry $800 a month, I will find and clear and build the path to cover what remains of my household's needs through YouTube and Twitch. I will quit my day job. I will be all-in. This isn't a pitch, or a donation drive. What you've given is already more than I ever expected and more than I ever could ask. I just wanted you all to know... I wanted you all to hear it from me... If you've been holding out for a hero til' the morning light: Hello, I am the Roninpawn.