I just posted an update to my Patreon Milestone Goals. (and don't think I've forgotten about Poke-Pawn; it's never left my mind) Your donations have gotten me so close to being self-employable that I've decided to put my mouth where your money is, so to speak. It strikes me now, that I don't want your generosity to go to waste. The real money you have given me has created a platform which, if ignored, could evaporate at any time, and would amount to an awful loss and a horrible waste of your good will. And I don't want that. I've never been anything but serious about making this channel a success from day one. Rarely in my life have I known what I wanted to do, set out to do it, and carried on until it was done. But with this I have never wavered. Not for an hour or a minute out of the past two years and one day have I entertained the thought of giving up on making this channel a success. I want to be... No. I AM an Entertainer. And nothing less will do. I have crunched the numbers and measured what I would be capable of given another thirty hours per week to dedicate to this and to all of you. And I've set the figure. If donations can carry $800 a month, I will find and clear and build the path to cover what remains of my household's needs through YouTube and Twitch. I will quit my day job. I will be all-in. This isn't a pitch, or a donation drive. What you've given is already more than I ever expected and more than I ever could ask. I just wanted you all to know... I wanted you all to hear it from me... If you've been holding out for a hero til' the morning light: Hello, I am the Roninpawn.
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 6 patrons
Spud Level donors get:
  • A warm fuzzy feeling. (Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.) 
  • Role of 'Pickled Yam' on the community Discord Server. Allowing exclusive access to donor-only voice and text chat rooms.
Includes Discord rewards
$3 or more per month 9 patrons
Tater Level contributor!
  • Warm fuzzy feeling. (2-day delivery) 
  • Pickled Yam on Discord.
  • The name with which you make your contribution on Patreon will be added to the Twitch livestream and YouTube end cards. (Anywhere I can reasonably stick an end card.)

(Time being finite and end cards being infinite.)

Includes Discord rewards
$5 or more per month 5 patrons
Potato Level contributors get:
  • Warm fuzzies.
  • Pickled Yam.
  • End cards... PLUS!!
  • Entry into Roninpawn's Monthly Free THING Giveaway (value of 'thing' expressly and implicitly guaranteed to be zero)

A random winner will be selected for the Free THING Giveaway in a video on the channel each month. THING will be delivered by least appropriate means, at which point winner is advised to dispose of THING immediately for health and safety reasons.

Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month 10 patrons
Yam Level contributors receive:
  • All previous rewards AND...
  • You - alone - will be credited in a random video on the Roninpawn channel as having made it possible. Think, "This episode was brought to you by the letter J, the number 2, and [YOU]." *

* The thoughts and opinions expressed in that episode... well, you'll just have to live with them won't you.

Includes Discord rewards
$50 or more per month 1 patron
Daikon Level

Thank you so much! At this level of funding you deserve a producer credit. With that in mind...

  • All previous rewards, plus!
  • The Producer role on Discord which gives you access to voice chat during weekly livestreams.
  • Google Drive access to thumbnails, audio, original music, and the resources I use making videos.
Includes Discord rewards
$100 or more per month 1 patron
Rutabega Level

Seriously? You're throwing Benjamins at me?!

  • All previous rewards, plus!
  • The latest Roninpawn T-Shirt! (or other merch of your choice*) I'll cover the shipping.
  • Email me if you want to re-brand Roninpawn as a beauty vlog and... well, you're the boss, I guess!

* at roninpawn.spreadshirt.com; "other merch" of up to a $30 value.

Includes Discord rewards
$500 or more per month 1 patron
Kohlrabi Level

Listen, you give me $500 and I'll sleep on the couch next time you're in town.

Includes Discord rewards
$1,000 or more per month 0 patrons
Taro Level

How may I serve you, master?

Includes Discord rewards
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