Hello all you wonderful people! So as you may have noticed with this and the one before I have taken elements I liked in the muppetmen style and smashed them in the Stolen Jokes style and made a unholy hybrid which I rather enjoy. More stylized but maintaining  the big expression I get with SJ eyes and noses (expect for Graham who will be keeping the dot eyes for awhile at least). 

Also you may have noticed updates are alil thinner than usual the past week or so. Sorry about that. There's a couple factors, One I'm building up an initial work buffer on a SECRET PROJECT which has been eating up a chunk of my attention. Can't go in to more detail other than I think it'll be rad. The other factor is I had a bit of a medical scare. No need to worry I'm 100% fine. Long story short half my face went numb, went to the doctor right away she said it was a stress/anxiety reaction and then I spent the better part of a week trying to not think about pink elephants well convincing my body EVERYTHING IS FINE and there is no need to panic. It's mostly settled down now so it's back to the art mines with me. 

Anyways thank you all so much for your ongoing support!