Heat Exchangers, a critical Part that had been missing for a while. ;)

Because how else would you work with Lava or later Nuclear Power if you dont have those available! And what better thing to add while the Summer Heat and that weird Migraine thing are killing me, than a Device that cools shit down to heat up something else!

There isn't much else, so rambling it is:

I'm glad it is colder today, so I can write this post without too much of an Issue. But ofcourse there is gonna be an upcoming 30°C Weekend forcing me again to spend most of my time in the cold Basement where there is no WiFi and only a ton of 5-10 year old Paperwork that needs to be sorted out with my Mom.
I am so glad that I'm not one of my Moms former Customers (well technically I am, but I live at her place so it was okay). She sold tons of Insurances but never replied to Customers asking for Support, because how could she if she doesn't even open half of her Letters... So many unopened Bills, Fees, Fines, Taxes, Complaints and even Court cases against her... Just way too many...
My Mom is a nice person, but never trust her with Money ever. She surprisingly never went to jail, nor did we ever have our electricity cut, nor did she lose the car (though that one broke down later anyways), nor did we get kicked out of the house, so all she did didn't end up in the really scary consequences that were very likely to happen, according to what I have seen.
Ofcourse all that Stuff got resolved years ago, so nothing could come out of that rotten Can of Worms anymore.

Just remember to always open your Letters! Letters only contain written words, nothing to be afraid of, there is no "has read" notification that gets back to the Sender, unless there is a "has received" notification, in which case just open the damn thing, they know you have it, it must be important if the Sender pays extra to make sure it's not lost in the mail!

Once all that Paperwork is done and/or ready for the Trash Bin, I guess I am gonna pick up drawing again for a bit or something else that I can do down there. I do have a handheld Computer so I can put Videos on that or just play some fun 2D Sidescroller Games, while I avoid the heat inside the rest of the house for a bit.

Becoming a Morning Person definitely helped with my productivity, as it's always coldest in the morning, while it was still somehow 30°C in my room yesterday at 3am (window being wide open), it went down to 26°C at 8am.

Now if I could sleep properly instead of repeatedly napping for an hour due to constantly waking up with that Migraine thing just because of "being in a sideways horizontal position during whatever allergy season we have right now", that would be great. I could fix that Migraine thing by just sleeping on my back, which somehow doesn't cause it, but then I would end up with back pain all day and couldn't really sit at my Desk.

OvermindDL1 randomly decided to teach me some basics of Rust, and it seems to be a good Programming Language. Didn't know that 128 Bit integers were a native thing (I so totally need that!). Might be something for use in my Game, if I don't go for Java/Kotlin.

And there we have it, the Download Page Link for Convenience after all this rambling. Thank you all for your Support. :3

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