Why this Ring and Why Now?

I am still wearing this pretty antique ring off/on . . but now for very different reasons. I was so delighted initially when my Mom gave me the setting. Memories from my childhood in the upper of a duplex in E. St. Louis, IL were brought back and treasured each time I looked at it's delicate beauty. I kept it a while and prayed about what to do with it. Then I decided to replace the missing stones and wear it to remind me to be faithful to what God had given me. At that time I was still waiting for a definitive answer from God about Matt's father.
I received at first an answer about my ring . . which was good as wearing it for Hector was feeling odder by the minute!! The ring was to remind me of my relationship with Christ and my commitment to serving him above all else. Still I didn't wear it much . . it only fits the ring finger on my left hand so looks like I'm married. I don't want to totally deflect all decent single godly men so wasn't sure about wearing my cute ring.
And now?
Well, really what I need most is a guy who wants to first be a really good friend. All my clients who are in their 80s and 90s and are still happily married were best friends before they got married. So, as they age and the romance dwindles, the friendship still glows!! Because they built their marriage on more than kisses and giggles they have something to take them through tougher times. ( Btw~ all my clients are Christian so have a solid rock to build on.)
So, yes, I'm back to wearing my ring and enjoying it's delicate beauty!!

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