Back on drawing track

Hey, everyone. I most humbly apologize for the lack of content and book shipment all of this time. I have sincerely been preoccupied between my actual duties as CPU Blue Heart over Cwcville and Comma, and the funds I got from y’all ended up sincerely and directly going towards the bills, including the Mortgage. Priorities and responsibilities held me up very much. After the funds came in quick and left quick, I was unable to order the books per month as promised. For now, I will withhold the “Book of the Month” perk and when I am able to, I will order and ship out a full set of the completed books to everyone who had pledged more than $20 a month before the end of July, 2019.

Meanwhile, I am resuming work on book 15, the expanded retelling of Sonichu and Rosechu’s first days together. It borrows from what Miss Tricky ended up writing in “Rosechu’s Story”, but I am also focusing on Sonichu’s point of view throughout the book, so there Is More than what is there, which I whole-heartedly approved, since it was very much spot-on, with a few minor, forgivable inaccuracies.

And, in real time for Right Freaking Now, “Sonichu” 14 will end up being “The Awakening of a CPU Book 2”, the real-time continuing and real-life personal chronicling of now and of the Dimension Merge, in progress and shall be completed, so this book may end up taking weeks to months to complete.

And what was to be “Sonichu” #14, featuring Graduon’s back story and return, is delayed to book 16, but shall be drawn and written as soon as possible after completing 15, and possibly 14, given the variables and “Anything Is Possible, you may as well throw logic out the window” events and moments.

In this free time, I am focusing on book 15, as Fated and Destined at this time, as well as writing book 14, one page and day at a time.

Again, I humbly and sincerely apologize, thank you all for your continued patience and understanding, and pray all of you will continue to and be kind in all of this.

When duty calls, my CPU and Leadership duties to my citizens, all Pokemon and so forth very well included, take higher priority over drawing and colouring.

Lots Of Love for each and every one of y’all; you are not ever forgotten in my long list of priorities and responsibilities.

Be Safe and Well.


Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/CPU Blue Heart