28 - Heading Out of Town
Quick update: I've been wicked sick (back to back colds, maybe even the same one just super extended?) and I'm now getting ready to head out of town for Viable Paradise, a writing workshop on Martha's Vineyard.

Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful and amazing Martha's Vineyard is, however I read that there are ticks all over the island. I'm packing tons of tick repellent, because ticks are awful. I plan to bring enough tick repellent that I can share with anyone who wants some!

Also, the fact that it's an island that you can only get to with a ferry (that's a kind of boat, right?) which is a little disconcerting.  The weather forecast also mentions rain and chilly weather. For a desert rat like myself, there's going to be some extreme culture shock, but I know I'm still going to have fun. I'm also bringing copious amounts of green chile salsa, because green chile salsa is the best thing on earth, and I know there will be people who've never had any, who NEED to know about it!

Let me think. I also plan to take walks along the shore, while staring moodily out at see, while composing poetry. That's something people do on islands, right? Perhaps I'll try my hand at quoting Byron or Shelly, although, no, now that I think of it, that's too close to that unreadable stretch in The Invisibles comic, so maybe I'll just wander around looking for neat rocks. That's more my speed.

(Also, I use the word "also" too much. BUT, if you do get The Invisibiles reference, I'm sorry. That's a terrible stretch of scene, and it's sooooo boring I never managed to get past it an finish the comic.)

Work-wise, I've been catching up on commission work, however I did manage ONE drawing of my own in the past three weeks:

I'm not a big fan of Zero (character from Borderlands 2) but so many people at comic cons keep asking for prints of him. I still have a few other characters I want to draw from Borderlands 2 - Gaige, Axton, Sir Hammerlock, Ellie, and Scooter.

Okay, I have to go finish washing clothes so I can pack before I leave tomorrow (I tend to leave stuff until the last minute. This is not a wise way to travel.) I'll catch y'all up when I get back! Take care until then!