July 2019 Patreon Vote

Dear Patrons,

Welcome to the monthly Patreon vote to determine which features should be prioritised for July 2019! As part of your pledge, you can vote on one of these items. Patrons who have pledged at the Owlbear tier or above will have their vote doubled. This will be done manually at the end of the poll.

June was a an interesting month with my new job and getting settled in it. The two most requested features from the previous monthly vote are ready in the code, but still need testing and fine tuning to be deployed.

This month's poll consists once again of three directions which can be prioritised based on number of tickets, what sounds fun to work on, and input from the Elementals

Tooltips: Add the entity's image in the tooltip, and a campaign interface to control what is visible in the tooltips (for example being able to deactivate family names, disable tags, etc).

Relations: adding the new visibility field to relations to replace the private checkbox. Add being able to "star" a relation for display in the entity's side menu à la Attributes. New system to show if a relation is mirrored with an option to change both relations at the same time. New "attitude" value on relations ranging from -100 for negative to +100 for positive.

Copy to Campaign: A new workflow to copy an entity to another campaign, including copying an entity from a public campaign to a private campaign.

Voting is open until the 2nd of July 23:59 PM (CET time). Once the poll is over, I'll announce the winning features and start working on them.

As usual, thanks for supporting Kanka!

Ilestis / Jay





Copy to Campaign

Poll ended Jul 2, 2019
29 votes total

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