june was a blast.  

laboratory brought out an insane kid puppet , vogueing, fast/slow movement, walking across the room not touching the floor with eyes closed, zine-making, and sometimes just me showing up alone for my own creative habit.

at rebel art fest i played on a portable boombox stage among incredible art, musicians, & people in south bend, indiana.

PRIDE tides were high and i played again at Open Door Pride in Door County, Wisconsin.  then, at the end of the month, ed's (no name) bar hosted a glorious Pride night full of music & drag, which i helped organize.

so, NOW, i am taking july off to play.  like be playful.  to play around and discover what is next, and what is not next-just to BE.  some times i need to be NOTHING.  i do have one show, at my beloved ed's (no name) bar in winona, MN on july 20, so come out to that when i come out of hiding.

i am switching loop pedals, exploring movement, writing the feelings & the currents of myself and the world and we'll see how it all comes out.  it feels like a turning, a shift.

this video is some of my playing around up on the hill in the cabin where i live.

i would love your support as i create, write, explore, move, listen, organize, and follow this heart that is louder than i can handle.  i hope you are following your loud hearts out there, and that the world creates conditions for all people to thrive in that way.


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