Fiction: Old Fashioned

Amelia March is tired of suitors breaking into her house after dark to express their undying love. Sure, it might be the fashion, but whatever happened to getting to know someone first? Why won’t they listen to her when she says she isn’t interested? And what does it mean that her cousin Kit thinks there’s a word for her approach to romantic relationships?

Old Fashioned is a story about finding words and the importance of fake cobwebs in the windows.

Contains: An irascible, trans, autistic witch learning the word "demiromantic"; her infuriating, gay, aromantic, trans cousin delivering an explanation; a black cat with an unimaginative name; and the bewildering actions of the alloromantic.

Setting: Marchverse. A couple of years after Ringbound | Absence of Language, but completely readable on its own.

Length: 5, 108 words / 14 PDF pages. 

Books in Series: Ringbound | Absence of Language | Old Fashioned | Conception

Also available from Gumroad, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books and Kobo.

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