News And Updates For June 2019

NOTE: This monthly update will eventually be relegated to my blog, so please make sure you have a link to it: The World of K R Smith. The news section makes more sense as a blog item than a Patreon post. The list of Patreon posts (sorry - missing this month) will probably go onto my new web site once a miracle occurs and I get that started. Until then, here's all the news that's fit to print!

A lot has been going on this last month!

First and foremost, the Lonesome Train anthology is out, at least on Lulu. And only in paperback for the moment. I have a story in it titled Momma Knows Best, a Southern Gothic horror story about a young woman having difficulty accepting her mother's advice. I'll post an update when it's available from other vendors or other formats.

As usual, I'm preparing for the Shore Leave sci-fi convention at the last moment again. I know it's coming, but I never seem to have time to prepare until the date is staring me in the face. I have a bunch of books to give out this year. Beth Rhodes donated a box full of her Hawk Elite Security action/romance novels. I have Terri Deno's new poetry book, If It Was New York, Summer 2009. And there are books from Miranda Kate, Lisa Shambrook, and others. And I have books with a few of my stories in them, too. I think I have about two dozen books total to give out - all for free!

I'm going to have a couple (few?) pieces of artwork to sell there, also. All done at the last minute (I'm my own worst enemy). I also did a quick little dragon illustration (might work as a character in a children's book?) as a donation to an auction for one of the members of the Star Trek Association of Towson (they host the Shore Leave convention) whose wife recently passed away. He has a lot of bills and needs a bit of help. 

The artwork isn't much, but the frame and the matte are nice! Maybe someone will bid on it just for that... We're looking around for whatever else we can donate to the auction. As far as what I'm going to sell, we'll have to see what else I can get done before I must pack for the convention. 

Speaking of packing, I'm always amazed at the mount of stuff I drag up to Shore Leave.  I need a bigger car.

I did get the first part of my short story, Final Judgement, posted here on Patreon. The second part will have to wait until after Shore Leave.

The monthly haiku was posted. I'm still working on the one for July...

I attended a performance of the play Matilda (based on the children's book of the same name) at the Olney Theatre and had planned to do a review. I'm not sure I'll get that done anytime soon, but I'll try.

The sentence you are now reading is in the spot where I had planned to put an updated list of what I have on Patreon. Not a chance in the world that will be done this month. I'm hoping I can get it into the next update. Or on the new website as I have planned for some time now. If I didn't have to work, it would be so much easier.

Anyway, that's all for now. And thanks to everyone who stopped by to see my stuff! 

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