TCGTV - European Adventure - Summer 2019

Hey everybody,

This message has been a long time coming but here is the craic with everything to do with TCGTV. For the last 7 months Claire and I have been in 'temporary' accommodation in the West of Ireland. I have been working on the future seasons of TCG as well as loads of other stuff which I'll talk about some other time. This TV show project though, has had its pitfalls and its wonderful blessings and that's what this message is for. I want to tell you what happened, whats going to happen and how you can be involved as supporters of TCG :)

The Immigration Visa for the US was a complicated and expensive process. If I had just bailed into America with a bunch of cameras I would have been turned away like a Mexican in Texas. If I had brought only a few little cameras and came in on a tourist visa and filmed and then published those videos; I would have been caught and never been awarded a visa to set foot on US soil ever again. Sketching in on the lamb and doing a guerrilla version of the show wasn't even tempting to be honest. From the outset I wanted to do it right and started application for an O1 artist visa. The process is complicated and expensive and I need to have certain criteria to pass and, long story short, certain time constraints and some potential ineligibilities led my legal representation to advise me to stay put in Ireland for now. I don't want to blow my chances if you know what I mean? 

While waiting for this notification however (which took a while) some very fortunate and unexpected things came into my life. A TV producer from California called and we started working on making a real life proper TV show! Yeah really! I was delighted, and we have been working together to make that happen for a few months now. There was also a call from a talent agency who offered to facilitate live touring of the podcast in the UK, Europe and eventually in the US! This was something that was really important to me when I planned to travel across America and now a fantastically successful talent agency is willing to work with me on making that happen! It really takes the heavy burden off me to book, promote, produce, and execute a whole pan-American live tour in comedy clubs and theatres! Amazing right? Also, my podcast hosting service Spreaker have launched their dynamic advertising service in partnership with Voxnest and now the ads you hear on the show are generating revenue to facilitate the expansion of the show from Season 8 onwards! So much amazing good news in the past few months! #blessed

So, in light of the visa being delayed there has been an alternative plan of action developed here in the mobile version of TCG Towers. With the TV producers on the case and development of a proper show on the cards, Im shooting for the stars as far as content for TCGTV goes in the US. Big scope, big names, big locations and a never before seen conspiracy and history focussed TV show. Unfortunately this wont be possible to execute on US soil until early to mid 2020. So this summer we will travel to Europe and make vlogs and documentaries on a pan-European TCGTV road trip!

That right, TCGTV-EU is in effect and, in fact, we leave for Portugal next week! Starting in the south of Portugal we will travel up the coast across northern Spain and into mainland Europe on a 6-week trip to find some of the weirdest places and the strangest people. Claire has to be back at work at the end of August; but on into September and the rest of the Autumn/Winter I have live shows in the UK and Europe planned and they will include more vlog/documentary videos from places on my wishlist like Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Poland, and loads more. There is so much content to be made in Europe and, thankfully, I don't need a visa and loads of complicated paperwork to gain entry and use my cameras and equipment.

I know a few of you donated to the GoFundMe campaign to be included in some of the vlogs and docs, or even just to meet me and come to a live show; so fear not, this will still be happening when I get to the US in 2020. All the perks like priority access to the vlogs and live chats etc will all still be available to you as well; it just wont be from America for now! Your support here on PAtreon  will still be going towards making brilliant TCG content, just from a different location as well as producing the podcast and continually releasing episodes over the summer. The US version of the TCGTV episode will be made by a top notch TV production company but the behind the scenes vlogs, extended interviews, exclusive footage and TCGTV Instagram private feed will all still be available to Patreon folks and GoFundMe subscribers in perpetuity, from now on!

All past Patreons and GoFundMe subscribers will be encouraged to sign into Discord which will be the informational hub of this side of TCG going forward. In fact, now that the GoFundMe campaign is officially closed, that will be one of the only ways to ensure secure and exclusive communication, sharing of links and videos, and updates on location and content releases etc. I dont want to share all this stuff publicly to YouTube and Facebook etc so there will be private videos hosted on Vimeo that will be share here through the Patreon platform and through links in privately accessed Discord channels for you Patreons and the GoFundMe folks. These platforms are secure and exclusive which is why Im using them. These videos will eventually become public but not until I'm ready, so its important to sign up to Discord if you want to get updates.

Sorry for this massive message but this is the only way I know you guys definitely get all the info as I have it. If you want to continue to be updated then the next few bits are VERY IMPORTANT if you want to stay in the loop on the upcoming content and the rest of the project going forward. I will be sharing all the content on this Patreon feed too, but the Discord will be very useful for smaller communications of other info as we go forward. I don't want to spam this page with loads of updates etc, because it generates and email to you and there could be 4/5 per day while on the road, which would get annoying! 

First of all you have to go download the Discord app for your phone or computer and make an account. The links for invitations are below but this is the best way for me to regularly communicate with you all (Both Patreon and GoFundMe) so its all kept in the one place and is up to date. I don’t want to be filling your inbox every day so Discord will house all that stuff in the appropriate place and in exclusive channels.

You can download the app for iOS, Android and if you don’t want to have yet another app in your life you can easily access it in a browser or download the app to your Mac or PC so its available everywhere! Discord will have everything split into convenient channels that are content specific and you can get the daily vlog notifications, announcements of meet-ups, special requests, and notifications of live streams you can join in on.

It will be a great place to connect with me and each other and we can have some suggestions and other more functional interactions in there; rather than in the comments under posts here on Patreon. I communicate much more easily through Discord and there is a great ‘conference call’ function that means I can do calls on the road, or live broadcast chats with people we meet! If you are from the area we are currently visiting you can message me and let me know of interesting sights to see and maybe even some meet-ups can be organised with the European fans ;)

Access to this server is one of the perks for all donations from €5 and higher on the GoFundMe and the same level on the Patreon page. It is a public server for all TCG fans but the ‘GoFundMe’ tier will give you access to exclusive channels and content that only you guys can see. Its really good for organising content like that.

As well as getting exclusive video notifications and other announcements, there are channels for each State in the US I will be visiting (for the future project) and for now a channel for each country we plan to visit in Europe. If you have a suggestion of a place to visit, some landmark to see, suggestions of conferences, local experiences, events or festivals to attend, or any other info in that place that may be of use to me when I get there; please leave the info with @thoseconspiracyguys tag to let me know its there in the appropriate channel. Don't ut suggestions in the comments below please :)  I want to see as much as possible with the time we have and Foursquare won't cut it as far as interesting sites for conspiracy goes! 😀 The search function in Discord is excellent and all messages are indexable, which means if you leave a message that I somehow miss; then I can find it easily when the right time comes.

There is also the private Instagram account I mentioned where I will be doing Instagram Stories all throughout the days on the road, taking pics and sharing our travelling experience. There are loads of posts/stories that were done on podcast recording days and some from little adventures around Ireland; but its easy to make an interesting vlog or Instagram feed when you live in NYC but spending a lot of time in one room in Dublin working on a computer doesn't make for compelling vlog material! 😄 I actually cannot wait to get out there and get filming! Ive also tried some doc style mini posts and got some beautiful vistas from our west coast halfway house so you can see them all in there! Its only for Patreon and GoFundMe donators so any private messages will be read and replied to as well! 😃

It has turned out to be quite difficult to manage these exclusive access forums so please follow the protocol here so you wont miss out. I have sometimes spent 3-4 hours hunting through emails and messaging back and forth with people who want access to the IG and didn't follow the steps, so please don't make it difficult for me :D It should be real easy!


VERY IMPORTANT FOR INSTAGRAM! You should make a follow request to me from your Instagram account first and when I check your name off the donors list email I can accept you. So many people didn't follow this instruction and made it very difficult to manage the IG requests.

VERY IMPORTANT FOR DISCORD! Make sure you have a Discord account already setup before you click the invite. The invite link will bring you straight into the Discord server. Patreon folks having an automatically moderated account and are added tiers for their level by a bot. When they are added to the server by Patreon I also add them at the same level for TCGTV in a separate permanent tier, so that if they stop supporting on Patreon they can still access all the TCGTV content from Discord.

For all these perks to be satisfied and for the system I have made to work, you guys need to help me out with a little bit of admin. I need you to send me a message with the following information

  • Name (the one you used on GoFundMe or Patreon)


  • Email (the one you signed up with on GoFundMe or Patreon)


  • Instagram name (if you want to be added to IG. Make your access request before sending)
  • Discord name (have an account setup already and tell me the @ name so I can find you in the server. If you are a Patreon you already have a tier and should see the TCGTV tier beside your name)
  • GoFundMe donation level (I will use you name or email to verify this in my GoFundMe database and add you to the appropriate tier. For Patreons I will add your Discord tier based on your 'lifetime pledge amount')

I know its a lot of shit in this message, but it will make it way easier for me to manage the couple thousand messages that will come in because of it. I have already got a few hundred and there are some in GoFundMe and Patreon that don't want any part of this social media malarky, and thats cool too!

If you have already sent me a message with this info and I havn't added you yet, then I apologise and it slipped through the cracks. Please send it again and I will get on it! :)

Sending this message to me, on whatever platform, counts as consent to me using this information temporarily to assign you to the correct tier and then the info will be deleted. I do not keep any info on donaters outside of the GoFundMe system. I have a small backlog for these messages in my email but send yours anyhow and they are all archived until I get a chance to add everyone!

You can send that email to [email protected] or through Discord DMs. Please don't send the message to the IG DMs because they are a fucker to moderate and keep track of!

You can download the Discord app for iOS and Android or on your desktop or you can access in a web browser. Its essential if you want to keep up with the craic to be honest and I urge you to get on it if you want to keep up to date with the project progress and content links. There is a great community of TCG fans already in there, sharing links and having discussions on episode topics and conspiracy news. If you are a Patreon subscriber too make sure to link your Discord account in your Patreon account settings and the tiers will be added automatically for your Patreon level.

Here is the link for the invite to the TCG Discord Server: and it will only get you in. You still have to send the confirmation message described above to be assigned your levels and get access to the exclusive channels.

Thanks again for helping out and supporting this project and sorry for the long message; but now you know all the craic! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments; put them in the Discord #general channel and Ill chat with you there!

Wish us luck!


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