• Mod Name: Seaweed
  • Version: v1.0b
  • Compatible:
  • Public Released Date: 2019/08/12

How to Catch Seaweed?

Go fishing would get a chance to catch seaweed.

  • If sim catch junk would have 100% also found seaweed.
  • If sim catch nothing would have 50% also found seaweed.  
  • If sim catch treasure would have 25% also found seaweed. 
  •  If sim successful catch fish would have 5% also found seaweed. 

What Happened After Sim Ate a Seaweed?

Seaweed as normal vegetable, one seaweed could fill 15 hunger points.

  • Sim would get a happy+2 mood "Fresh Catch" for 4 sim-hours,  if sim is a vegetarian-mermaid or a mermaid with child of the ocean.
  • If you install my other mod "Eat Raw Fish". After a Raw Food Lover ate a seaweed, sim would get a happy+2 mood named "Raw Food Lover" for 2 sim-hours.


This mod have one package: c82_Seaweed.package


The edible seaweed is one of aquaplants. I'll keeping develop more aquaplants.

You are free to create any recipe mod  base on this mod.

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