Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 55

WARNING: Sort of graphic content here, with a picture and all, so be careful where you read this. I'll have to censor a bit for the wordpress release, but not here.
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Anyway, here's chapter 55, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Chapter 55


She could tell from the mold made by the fabric of his clothes that there was a huge protuberance underneath.
She had heard from Uld that this could become three to four times bigger and harder when a man was excited, but would that really be able to enter where it was supposed to?

【”As I thought, this is scary.”】

Feeling an instinctive fear known only to inexperienced maidens, Frigga hugged herself with her arms.
However, she had already decided to do this.

(I am going to become this man’s woman. We won't have to stay apart anymore, we’ll be together forever.)

With her mind made up, Frigga resolutely put her hand on the protubering part. It was hot and trembled in her hand.

【”Oh… Aaaah!”】

Feeling it rapidly swell up in her grip, she hurriedly removed her hand.

【”W-wow… But this is too much, am I seriously supposed to…!”】

This clearly seemed thicker than her own arm.
Wouldn’t it tear her apart?
However, along with the fear, Frigga noticed there she felt a sweet, numbing feeling climbing up from the back of her stomach.

【”I’m sorry, Kurats! This is for the sake of my love, so please just accept it!”】

Frigga had already perfectly planned what she would do when Kurats would wake up.
The moment he’d open his eyes, he was going to find Frigga in the arms of her maid, Uld.
Then Frigga would look at Uld in the eyes and say something along the lines of “Last night was so violent I thought he’d break me….”, and Kurats would be cornered.
That was the plan.
But now Frigga felt like she might literally break.
Nevertheless, staring at the part that had now fully grown, Frigga excitedly removed her dress.

As her dress fell off, Frigga’s white porcelain skin was revealed.
Her beautiful, perky buds were covered by a jet-black underwear. Their size was perfect, neither too big nor too small. Moreover, her whole body was enveloped in the lovely scent of a young woman.
It had to be said that Lunaria was a step behind when compared to the balanced look of Frigga’s firm and trained body.
There was no telling what Kurats would do if he was conscious right now, but this would at the very least trigger his lust.

『Hey, you’re really going to let that woman snatch your virginity away?』

Bernst was trying to talk to the still unconscious Kurats.
However, Kurats stayed completely silent. He appeared to be in a very profound sleep.

『This is why I’ve been saying you’re still far from invincible! You’re just a human being! This is unacceptable!』

His strength was extraordinary and his reserve of magic was normous, but Kurats was still fundamentally a mortal human, not a god.
After drinking the poison and falling asleep, he had made himself defenseless.
Bernst personally did not need to sleep, and he could also use a passive type of defensive magic that would always stay activated, even when he wasn't awake. But this was still impossible for Kurats.
That being the case, perhaps letting this painful turn of event run its cours would be a good learning experience for him.

『However, I don’t want to anger that sister of his.』

Cornelia, who was currently staying in Jormungand’s castle, would be furious if she found out that her little brother was stolen away by another woman.
If Bernst handled this poorly, she might expose Kurats’ black history again.
Honestly, Bernst was not confident he’d able to bear with such humiliation a second time.
Moreover, if he took over Kurats’ body again, he might really do something to Cornelia this time.
He had to do his best to avoid taking such risks.

『It can’t be helped. I guess I’ll help him this one time.』

And so, Bernst brought his consciousness to the surface of Kurats' mind.

As she became wetter from excitement, Frigga climbed on top of Kurats’ abdomen.

【”F-finally, I’m going to become a woman…”】

She'd heard that the first time was painful, but her knight training had made her resistant to pain.

(Alright, let’s do this.)

Frigga braced herself and lowered her waist, but she didn’t feel the impact she was expecting at all.

【”Sorry, but I don’t like being attacked in my sleep.”】

He didn’t particularly mind it when he was on the attacking side however.

Looking down, Frigga realized that Kurats was holding her thin waist with his big arm while sneering at her.
It was no wonder her chastity was still intact.

【”I can’t really praise your for this attack. The relationship would eventually have evolved anyway even if you didn't rush it. But well, there is an order to these things.”】
【”Aaah! I-I’m sorry! I didn’t meant to do anything bad to you!”】

Frigga was bewildered; this was out of her expectations.
She had been so focused on her plan of facing him with the fait accompli that she hadn’t considered for a second that he would wake up before she could do anything to him.
However, perhaps due to her womanly instincts, she chose to put all her accumulated passion into trying to win over Kurats’ heart instead of making any bad excuses for herself.

【”I can apologize over and over again for going so far, and I will, but I refuse to hold back my love for you any longer, Kurats! Please accept me!”】

Frigga clung to Kurats’ neck and pressed her swelling buds on his chest.
Any ordinary straight man would undoubtedly be shaken at this moment. That was how fascinating and bewitching Frigga was.
However, the person she was facing was not Kurats, the inexperienced virgin, but Bernst, the magic king who had lost his emotions to time.
Moreover, he was a being close to godhood, who had access to all the pleasures, good food, wealth and luxuries the world had to offer.

【”Too bad for you. This might work on a youngun, but you don’t tempt me in the slightest.”】

Though Frigga’s head was still boiling, she still instinctively felt that something was not right, that something was out of place.
But rather than that, what was frustrating her the most was something else.
According to what her maids had said, no man could control himself when a beautiful woman was pressing her naked body on him, but Kurats did not show any intent to make a move at all.

【”You know, Kurats, I’m still a virgin. I’ve never been touched by anyone besides you, and I never will be. I will give all my heart and body to you!”】

Frigga’s words only made Kurats, or rather, Bernst, sneer.
From the very beginning, he had always intended to make Frigga become Kurats’ woman.
Her kingdom was small but she was still a princess. Moreover, someone as brave and valorous as her would sooner or later be of use in helping Bernst’s designs come true.

【”―― That won’t do.“】

This rejection left no room for argument.

【”I see… I suppose it’s only natural for your to reject me after I tried to use such methods on you. But there is no way I could give up after coming this far!”】

Even if this was Kurats, Frigga figured there was no way he he had completely gotten rid of the elephant killer’s effects.
(Then I’m going to make him take my first time by force!)

【”―― Do not misunderstand. I do want you to apologize. But you'll have to do it by submitting yourself to me.”】

As he said so, Bernst released a fragment of his hidden magic power; the magic power of the magic king.
This was an insignificantly small amount of power for Bernst, but for Frigga, it was nothing short of terrifying.
It was like she was facing an ocean that went beyond the horizon. There was no possible way she would even think of putting up any resistance.
She was feeling goosebumps all over her body, and all her survival instincts were sending alarm signals.

【”Ah… Ah….”】

Though her legs were shaking, she still tried to step back. However, her knees were too weak to support her weight right now. She immediately staggered and fell on her backside.
What could a human do after provoking a god's wrath?
The feeling of pressure was making it hard for Frigga to even breath.

【”What’s the matter? Did you not hear what I said? Do I have to repeat myself?”】
【” M-my sincerest apologies! I will never dare to do this again!”】
【”Good, know your place. All I seek from you is absolute obedience. I have no need for your fantasies of love.”】

Frigga could not disobey. She knew down to her soul that she should not disobey.

【”As you wish, my lord!”】

Frigga offered Bernst her sword, and then posed like a squire ready to be knighted.
Bernst showed a satisfied smile in response.

Once this was done, Frigga slowly slid her thumb on her glossy lips, feeling an oppressing yet exciting numbness run down her spine.
As someone who sought greater strength, she always had a hidden desire to submit herself to a higher power, and she was now becoming aware of that feeling.

【”Rejoice, for I will spend the rest of the night bestowing upon you the rules of discipline that you’ll need to know in order to follow my orders properly.”】
【”Yes, my lord! Anything you want!”】

And then, the next morning.

【”Are you awake, my lord?”】

It took a little while for Kurats to calm down and stop shouting.

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