PET ADDICTION - Chapter 95

My Little Girl (86)

During the lecture, Ji Xubai was quite different. He gave a sincere and indifferent feeling. If a student was caught not listening, he had no lack of ways to punish them, and so the hall was quiet. Only the Ji Xubai’s voice was echoing in the hall.

The lecture in Class 1 was a lot more difficult. But Shu Nuan was earnest in listening, and writing down notes when the time came.

When she bowed her head again to jot something down, she glimpsed something from the corner of her eyes. Her seatmate had accidentally turned outward a part of her cuff while taking notes, revealing shocking crisscrossing red marks.

It was as if she’d been punished not long ago...

It gave Shu Nuan a slight pause. The girl seemed to have noticed her eyes as she covered her sleeves. The girl asked indifferently, "What are you looking at?"

Shu Nuan shook her head and retracted her gaze. She continued taking notes. On the platform, all of a sudden Ji Xubai looked towards her.

“Shu Nuan.”

Shu Nuan stopped writing and stood up.

Ji Xubai didn’t hurry to continue, but instead he stood on the platform and eyed her from head to toe. Taking his time, he walked over to her table, and then he picked up her notebook and flipped through it lazily. He threw it back and walked around the row of seats. He opened the door slowly with his hands and said, "Although it is a great achievement to be promoted from Class 10 straight to Class 1, that doesn't mean you can bring along your old habits. I don't care how unrestrained you were in your previous class, but here, you either pay attention or leave."

All the students could see that Master Ji had a problem with the way she’d been promoted. He had some objections, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten difficult towards Shu Nuan on her first day. However, nobody dared  comment.

Ji Xubai turned to look at Shu Nuan and asked, "Do you understand?"

As a newcomer, Shu Nuan didn’t have the privilege to give an excuse, so she only sat down after giving a reply.

Towards the end of the class, Ji Xubai talked about the results of the examination and gave rare praise to the students who’d scored well. Lastly, he focused his attention on Shu Nuan’s seatmate. 

“Wen Zhigu,” he called out in a cold voice.

Wen Zhigu had to put down her brush and stand up. The wound on her back seemed to have opened, but she could only bite her lips and bear it.

"You disappointed me in this assessment. What were you doing to have scored less than someone from Class 10?” Ji Xubai reprimanded, staring at her without care as he tried to read her expression.

But Wen Zhigu didn’t say a word. It seemed she’d become accustomed to standing quietly and taking a verbal beating from Master Ji.

Ji Xubai saw her pale cheeks and frowned. He said, "Come to my room after class. Sit down."

After class, Wen Zhigu turned to her seatmate.

At that time, Shu Nuan was tidying up her things. Wen Zhigu had been sitting motionless at her table. When the students all left, she turned her head to Shu Nuan and asked, "Did you tell anyone about that day?"

Shu Nuan shook her head faintly, knowing that she was referring to the scene at the pavilion that day after the exam.

Wen Zhigu bit her lower lip. After a long silence, she asked, "Can you keep it a secret for me?"

Shu Nuan already had no intention of telling people about such a weird and unethical matter. So, when she heard Wen Zhigu's request, she just nodded her head and agreed.

Seeing this, Wen Zhigu was relieved and said her thanks in a low voice. Then, the girl got up and left.

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