Canadian Invasion Comes To Radio Rock
Today is July 1st and we are just four days away from our official Blitz birthday! It is also Canada Day! And to Celebrate, Radio Rock is doing our official Canadian Invasion show. In the last two years our station has been blessed to have some of the most amazing musicians grace our airwaves and I was surprised to learn many of them come from Canada. Amy Rose was one of the very first to become a regular on the Morning Brew, she was soon followed by artists such as; Marshall Dane, Dahlia Wakefield, Tommy Roumanas, Lynne Taylor Donovan, Western Avenue, Morris 8. Then something amazing happened... a rock n roller named Rick Mercer came along, and before we knew it we had a wave of amazing artists that followed! Johnny Van Veld, who not only has become an integral part of our station, producing, "In The Mix" for us every week, but Johnny shared with us a fantastic catalog of music. Before we knew it, there was Hunter, Midnight Soldier, Quartz, MD3, John Bonsant, Dave Warren, Dave Martin, Jim Noseworthy,  Ian McDiarmid, and recently Billy Grima. Billy is originally from Australia, but he emigrated to Canada and now makes his home and his music there.  

Tom Slick has enjoyed a great relationship with his Canadian brothers and sisters and gives them spins every chance he gets. The biggest of wonderful blessings came this week when several of the artists actually got together for a photo just to wish Tom Slick and Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz a happy second birthday! "My jaw dropped when I opened the email and saw what these super talented, generous musicians had done for me. Seriously, taking the time to get together just to show their support of this indie station. I never could have dreamed this small idea would reach so many." So, Radio Rock would just like to take this moment to say "Thank you," to all of the Canadian artists who have been so generous with their music for our listeners and tell them "Without you, Radio Rock wouldn't sound as good as it does." So July 1st will from now on always be our official Canadian Invasion Day. Enjoy today's show as it is all Canadian music from cream of the crop!  Please take a moment, and let these artists know how much you appreciate their endless talent! God Bless Canada eh!

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