Crystallization Overhaul!

But first, I should mention that I will reschedule the Release Cycle for IRL reasons, so now the Release should be at Sunday/Monday from next week onward for the rest of the year.
My Asthma is just too bad to do anything once I get back home, considering I need to take a break from walking every 100-200 meters especially with the heat at the moment. Sure, it is currently cold enough on average, but that doesn't help when I am outside while the sun shines. Don't worry I'm just badly out of breath in those cases, nothing debilitating. Also I managed to figure out the Bus Route to take to minimize walking by now.

So now the Changelog:

  • Ores from the Ore Layers such as Salt, Coal and Bauxite now count as Dense, so you get twice the amount of Crushed Ore from them. The Crusher now has 6 instead of 4 Output Slots to accommodate the Outputs.
  • Germanium can now be used for making Circuits just like Silicon. This makes Circuits much easier at the cost of using a more rare Material.
  • The Crystallization Crucible Tier 1 now uses a Quartz Crucible in its crafting Recipe, to make Silicon and Germanium Boules easier to get and not gated behind the Iridium needed for Sapphire Boules I planned ages ago.
  • Sapphire Boules in different Colors (including Ruby) are now createable using the Tier 3 Crystallization Crucible.
  • Boules can now be crushed into Gems and lathed into Rods directly.

There we go with this weeks Release. Have a Download Page Link for Convenience and thank you all for your Support. ^^

I'm gonna take the Bus with the way too expensive monthly Bus Ticket used for 2 days a week, that I luckily dont have to pay myself for, because surely that makes mathematical sense if the monthly ticket costs as much as 13-14 daily Tickets.

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