279 The Pondering Elemental


Talking about a stranded earth elemental in the material plane. It arrived there through a process akin to spontaneous teleportation which often occurs with the elemental planes. The plot thickens when the earth elemental arrives to a strange crystal mine. The crystals are naturally imbued with psychic properties and at first help the elemental communicate with local miners. However, the crystals did more than that. The miners are now enthralled and obey every instruction they receive from the elemental, thinking it is a god or something.

Back in town the situation is dire because the miner team dropped their productivity and have become secretive about what's going on int he mine. They now refuse access of anyone into the mine unless they are mining personnel. They're the strongest in town and armed with pickaxes. Someone will have to break in and try to find a solution to this predicament.

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