Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster: Occult Mythology and Symbolism


I will begin by outlining the problem and then pointing to the solution at the end.
The meaning and purpose of conscious living is all about stepping into our passion and purpose. The shallow and hollow detriment to this pursuit, is THE FAME MONSTER. 


People who are preoccupied with pop cult of celebrity and personality are focused on external frivolity and triviality, looks and possessions, the glitz and ritz of modern bread and circus, giving all their time, attention and thus creative potential over to those who have no real role or impact in our own immediate lives and bear no beneficial fruits for the human endeavor.

This incessant and rampant desire for popularity and attention as a false measure and standard of "success," is a psychological trend that I aptly call "THE FAME MONSTER" complex, a social pathology brilliantly embodied and propagated by such mythological themes and motifs of #illuminati archetypes as Lady Laga, the famine of the familiarity with the famous yet infamously spiritually famished "fame monster". There are vast and crucial lessons that we must learn from the spiritual suffering of cult of celebrity.

Cult of personality is a pathology I will be covering deeply in an upcoming linguistic symbology presentation. As the inFAMOUS FAME monster social complex arises from the spiritual FAMINe within the culture, society and the within the individual, which we will fully explore further on.

It embodies the lack of re-cognition of a greater spiritual FAMily or FAMiliarity with the intrinsic divinity or leadership qualities within us all, A lack of cultivation or a disconnect, a severance, or separation from what ancient philosophers called our
GENIUS, our guiding spirit or wit, talent, prophetic skill, coming from the root of GENS or GENE, meaning GENERATIVE POWER within each of us. 

Our genius (Latin: 
[ˈɡɛ.nɪ.ʊs]; plural geniī ) is the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing, the anima mundi, or the animating principle of life itself. Akin in numerous traditions as guardian angel, the Djinn, the Genie, the oversoul or the metaphysical "higher mind" or creative intellect. The Epitome of the highest human endeavor, pursued in the seven liberal arts. 


The following passages will be interlaced with the brilliant outlinings by Thalia Took: 

Fama is the Roman Goddess of Rumor. Alternate spellings: Faam or Fame. Her name in Latin means just what it looks like, "Fame", with additional meanings of "Reputation", "ill Repute", "Public Opinion", or "News"; it is derived from the Latin verb "fari", meaning "TO SPEAK." She is the Roman version of the Greek Ossa or Pheme, whose name also means "Rumor." In Greek mythology, Pheme (/ˈfeɪmeɪ/ fay-may; Greek: Φήμη, Roman equivalent: Fama/Fame also cognate with FEMA) was the personification of fame and renown, her favour being notability, and her wrath being scandalous rumors or vitriol. "



"A tremendous gossip, Fame was said to have pried into the affairs of mortals and gods, then repeated what she learned, starting off at first with just a dull whisper, but repeating it louder each time, until everyone knew.

As the Greek Ossa, She was said to be the messenger of Zeus, from whom rumors were thought to come, for rumors can be difficult or impossible to trace back to their source. To the Greeks, Ossa was a neutral Goddess of both fame and infamy, and would as soon proclaim the glory of a victorious battle as She would spread slander and gossip.

To the Romans, though, Fame was generally known for Her more malicious side. Virgil in his Aeneid describes Her as being small and fearful at first, then growing larger and stronger, as rumors do, until She fills the sky, standing with Her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground, making the small seem great and the great seem greater. 

He calls FAME a "DREADFUL MONSTER" who never sleeps, and describes Her as having swift feet and great wings with which She flies, spreading rumor quickly; he also says that at the base of every feather is an eye, an ear, and a mouth, which She uses to see, hear, and then disperse Her RUMORS, SLANDER, GOSSIP AND OUTRIGHT LIES!"

This is EXACTLY why Lady Gaga aka "THE FAME MONSTER " appears on the wildly popular tv show "Gossip Girl!"   

 Hence why Gaga's "crazy" little cult fans are called her little MONSTERS!

Latin "fames " (famous) means "HUNGER" (SEE FAMINE),  which is exactly why The Fame Monster social complex ever hungers for more and more, no different from a parasite, a plague, an immortal vampire, just as Tolkein's monster Ungoliant was described in The Silmarillion.
Remember this point and image because it will be a huge piece further on.

This is EXACTLY why Gaga personifies FAME, or in her case, the fames famished vampire as she is depicted in her album cover, signifying that she has sold her soul for the insatiable hunger of Fame which is intrinsically linked with FAMINE and FAMILIA, or FAMULUS meaning SLAVERY and SERVITUDE, because you sell your soul into servitude in exchange for reknown at the risk of ILL REPUTA! Thus why celebrities who make this contract for the fame monster social complex become so deeply spiritually distraught and famished and most will not make it out alive and will pay the ultimate sacrifice.

BRACE YOURSELF, because i'm about to blow the vulgar symbolinguistic flood gates WIDE OPEN!  This is going to cover very STRONG VULGAR LANGUAGE ROOTS AND SYMBOLISM so if you're easily offended by vulgar and foul linguistic roots, then I ask you to please reserve your judgements and emotional triggers until my points are entirely presented. We are LITERALLY going to cover the linguistic symbolism of FOUL. I'm just following where the trail leads me. Please bher with me (pun, bher means "to carry" or "to BEAR").

Gaga being the infamous Fame Monster goddess, is all about the theme of slander, gossip, and ILL REPUTAtion or Repute. Hence why the brand faction HAUS OF GAGA (the FAME MONSTER) LITERALLY MEANS "CRAZY HOUSE", in reference to an INSANE ASYLUM, but is actually intrinsically linked with the sense of "HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE," or the "WHORE HOUSE." Let me break it down... this is going to be WILD! I should note here that I am NOT SLUT SHAMING, and i'm not casting judgement on her, im just using her role to explain the dynamic that she was cast for by the Hollywood magi. 

The root etymon equivalent of WHORE from POONTANG is PUTE/ PUTA: "SEX WITH A WOMAN; WOMAN REGARDED AS A SEX OBJECT; FEMALE GENITALIA," c. 1910, of uncertain origin, probably via New Orleans Creole, FROM FRENCH PUTAIN "PROSTITUTE," FROM OLD FRENCH PUTE "WHORE" (COGNATE WITH SPANISH AND PROVENÇAL PUTA), probably from fem. of Vulgar Latin *puttus "girl" (source of Old Italian putta "girl"), from Latin PUTUS (ORIGINALLY "PURE, BRIGHT, SPLENDID"

But also possibly from or influenced by Old French PUT, from Latin PUTIDUS "STINKING" on notion of the "FOULNESS" of harlotry, or for more literal reasons. Thus we also have the root of PUTRID: early 15c., from Latin putridus, from putrere "to rot," from putris "rotten, crumbling," related to putere "to stink," from PIE root *pu- (2) "to rot, stink" from the same root as PUS, linked with CAT or PUSS, and PUSSY.

(among the 16c.-17c. slang terms for "whore" in English were POLECAT, which might also be a pun, and
fling-stink). Shortened form poon is recorded from 1969.

It should be noted that in the US a POLECAT is a SKUNK! Hence the literal sense of STINKING whore (for unmentionable reasons). The Polecat, as I play on words, would be the sex kitten and her phallic pole, but Polecat actually comes from a marten or a CAT who preys on POULtry or FOWL, as the root slang for cat as in PUSS is also related to FOUL!

Linked to PUTRID is Latin PUS "pus, matter from a sore;" figuratively "bitterness, malice" (related to
puter "rotten" and putere "to stink"), from PIE *pu- (2) "to rot, decay" (source also of Sanskrit puyati "rots, stinks," putih "stinking, foul, rotten;" Greek puon "discharge from a sore," pythein "to cause to rot;" Lithuanian puviu "to rot;" Gothic fuls, Old English ful  "FOUL"

puss (n.1)

"cat," 1520s, but probably much older than the record, perhaps imitative of the hissing sound commonly used to get a cat's attention. A conventional name for a cat in Germanic languages and as far off as Afghanistan; it is the root of the principal word for "cat" in Rumanian (pisica) and secondary words in Lithuanian (puz), Low German (puus), Swedish dialect katte-pus, etc. Applied to a girl or woman from c. 1600, originally in a negative sense, implying unpleasant cat-like qualities; as in SOUR PUS, but by mid-19c. in affectionate use.

"the face" (but sometimes, especially in pugilism slang, "the mouth"), 1890, slang, from Irish
pus "lip, mouth."

pussy (n.1)

"cat," 1726, diminutive of puss (n.1), also used of a rabbit (1715). As a term of endearment for a girl or woman, from 1580s

pussy (n.2)
slang for "female pudenda," 1879, but probably older; perhaps from Old Norse puss "pocket, pouch" (compare Low German puse "vulva"), but perhaps instead from the cat word (see pussy (n.1)) on notion of "soft, warm, furry thing;" compare French le chat, which also has a double meaning, feline and genital. Earlier uses are difficult to distinguish from pussy (n.1), as in:
The word pussie is now used of a woman [Philip Stubbes, "The Anatomie of Abuses," 1583]
But the absence of pussy in Grose and other early slang works argues against the vaginal sense being generally known before late 19c., as does its frequent use as a term of endearment in mainstream literature, as in:
"What do you think, pussy?" said her father to Eva. [Harriet Beecher Stowe, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 1852]

whore (n.)
1. (mildly vulgar or dated) A prostitute.
2. (vulgar, pejorative) A person who is considered to be sexually promiscuous (see also: slut).
3. (vulgar) A person who is unscrupulous, especially one who compromises their principles for gain. 
4. (vulgar) A person who will violate behavioral standards to achieve something desired. 
5. (vulgar) A contemptible person.

1530s spelling alteration (see
wh-) of Middle English HORE, from Old English HORE "prostitute, harlot," from Proto-Germanic *HORAZ (fem. *horon-) "one who desires" (source also of Old Norse HORA "adulteress," Danish HORE, Swedish HORA, Dutch HOER, Old High German HUORA "WHORE;" in Gothic only in the masc. HORS "ADULTERER, FORNICATOR," Fornicate comes from FORNIX meaning an arched entry, referring to a BROTHEL or a HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE.

The FORNUS, also a cognate etymon of fornicate, meaning FURNACE, which is the VAULTED ARCHWAY, correspondent with the female urogenital triangle, the vaulted archway opening unto the furnace of the womb, the furnace that you heat up to turn her on and stoke the flames of lovemaking when you put a BUN IN HER OVEN, or the BREADBASKET, which is the esoteric meaning of BETHLEHEM "HOUSE OF BREAD"! See the full "Occult Secrets of Oreo", "Let Them Eat (Baby) Cake: Occult Secrets of Birthday Cake" presentation for so much more about that!

Is there any symbolic cognizance of HORS with HORSE?

 Im currently working on showing clear explanations for professional "skeptics" and "debunkers" of
#esoteric #etymology as more than mere "#wordplay" and neuro linguistic programming of Homonyms and #homophones. Although nobody explains this better than Christopher Lord at Truthiracy3: House of Wisdom.

Words are not homophones and homonyms for just no good reason or mere co-incidence. Often they share the same lineage and roots in the symbolism, the mythology, the oral and cultural tradition and therefore common similarities that are omitted from written account, because of the level of abstract conveyance that it inspires.

The etymology of homophone is derived from the Greek homo- (ὁμο-), "same", and phōnḗ (φωνή), "voice, utterance". In other words, similar words that share the same phonetic sounds but differ in meaning, but etymologically speaking, do they really share no common denominator?

When written etymological account fails, The connection lies in the symbolism, the mythology, the oral and cultural tradition, and in cymatics! #Cymatics (from Greek: kyma "wave") is the study of VISIBLE SOUND. Words only have one ultimate meaning when taken back to cymatics, the vibrational resonance signature of a word is OBJECTIVE and NOT open to interpretation like the meanings and etymologies we ascribe to those sounds, which are purely subjective. The SOUND creates a specific repeatable geometric signature, and THAT is a word's true meaning, is its geometry.

#phoenicians took these phonetic sounds and ascribed new meanings to them.  

If we apply
syncretism, we find that all the puns, jokes and wordplay is actually the right brain abstract creativity encompassing the analytical left brain scholarly analysis and revealing a deep level of truth.

The connection is often found in OTHER words that would seem UNRELATED but there is a thread of meaning that connects them.

For Horse and whores it is found In the word Jade: "A WORN OUT HORSE,  which is where we get JADED, meaning WORN OUT, "a variant of yaid, yald "WHORE," LITERALLY "MARE," A FEMALE HORSE, and this recalls a worn out FEMAle horse, or a WHORE from being ridden too long and too hard!  

1. (
intransitive, vulgar) To prostitute oneself.
2. (
intransitive, vulgar) To engage the services of a prostitute.
3. (
transitive, vulgar) To pimp; to pander.
4. (
intransitive, vulgar) To pursue false gods.
5. (
intransitive, vulgar) To pursue false goals, such as FAME.
6. (
transitive, slang, video games, vulgar, derogatory) To overuse something. (to be worn out, and ridden too much)
whore around
whore out

Originally in ancient highly advanced goddess centric civilizations, the role of the whore or prostitute was one of the highest and most sacred honors in society. See the full "
Sacred & Profane: Occult Secrets of Ancient Sexual Rites of Passage "  presentation for so much more of this.

Egyptian root 'HOR", literally "THE HIGH-FLYING ONE." Which is why the ancient goddesses of prostitution, sacred sexuality, love and war such as Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtaroth, were known as QUEENS OF HEAVEN. Robert Sepher says that Ishtar was referred to as the goddess HAR, but I have no idea where he cites that source from, as I've been searching everywhere to validate that claim, to no avail.

The Greek the
HORAE, or singular form of HORA, were QUEENS OF HEAVEN as they goddesses of nature and FERTILITY responsible for the WEATHER (sky/heaven and earth), the CYCLES or KYKLOS "CIRCLES" OF TIME and the SEASONS, the HOURS which comes from HORUS. The HORAE danced the sacred CIRCLE DANCE of the goddess, which is why today the jews still practice the scared circle dance of the HORA which is the sacred CIRCLE DANCE of the CYCLE OF THE SEASONS OF NATURE AND TIME, which is why TIME is measured in HOURS of the day, or in Spanish HORAS. "Que HORA es??" What TIME is it?? Where is HORUS, the SUN in the SKY?

The sacred CIRCLE is the primordial symbol of the GODDESS, which is why the word CIRCLE comes from the Greek goddess CIRCE, the sacred CIRCuit of EL, the feminine input terminal of electrical circuitry, which is the root of our word CHURCH, and the name KIRK.

The HORAE were represented as BLOOMING MAIDENS, OFTEN SCANTILY CLAD, carrying the different products of the seasons. "

As the weather, generally speaking, is regulated according to the seasons, they are further described as the goddesses of the seasons, i.e. the regular phases under which Nature manifests herself.  They are kind and benevolent, bringing to gods and men many things that are good and desirable. As, however, Zeus has the power of gathering and dispersing the clouds, they are in reality only his ministers, and sometimes also those of
HERA, who is the QUEEN OF HEAVEN. The Egyptian of Khemetic name for HORUS was HERU, The HERO, THE HIGH FLYING ONE, god of the SKY and AIR.

also as a verb, horinon "commit adultery"), from PIE root *ka- "to like, desire," which in other languages has produced words for "lover; friend."Whore itself is perhaps a Germanic euphemism for a word that has not survived. The Old English vowel naturally would have yielded *hoor, which is the pronunciation in some dialects; it might have shifted by influence of Middle English homonym hore "physical filth, slime," also "moral corruption, sin," from Old English horh. The wh- form became current 16c. A general term of abuse for an unchaste or lewd woman (without regard to money) from at least c. 1200. Of male prostitutes from 1630s. Whore of Babylon is from Revelations xvii.1, 5, etc. In Middle English with occasional plural forms horen, heoranna.
The word, with its derivatives, is now avoided polite speech; its survival in literature, so as it survives, is due to the fact that it is a favorite word with Shakspere (who uses it, with its derivatives, 99 times) and is common in the authorized English version of the Bible ... though the American revisers recommended the substitution of harlot as less gross .... [Century Dictionary]   
Some equivalent words in other languages also derive from sources not originally pejorative, such as Bohemian nevestka, diminutive of nevesta "bride;" Dutch deern, German dirne originally "girl, lass, wench;" also perhaps Old French pute, perhaps literally "girl," fem. of Vulgar Latin *puttus (but perhaps rather from Latin putidus "stinking;" see poontang).

Welsh putain "whore" is from French, probably via Middle English. Among other languages, Greek porne "prostitute" is related to pernemi "sell," with an original notion probably of a female slave sold for prostitution; Latin meretrix is literally "one who earns wages"  Hence the phrase "TURNING TRIX" (source of Irish mertrech, Old English miltestre "whore, prostitute").

The vulgar Roman word was scortum, literally "skin, hide." Another term was lupa, literally "she-wolf" (preserved in Spanish loba, Italian lupa, French louve; see
wolf (n.)). And of course there was prostituta, literally "placed in front," thus "publicly exposed," from the fem. past participle of prostituere (see prostitute (n.)).

Another Old Norse term was skækja, which yielded Danish skøge, Swedish sköka; probably from Middle Low German schoke, which is perhaps from schode "foreskin of a horse's penis," perhaps with the sense of "skin" (compare Latin scortum) or perhaps via an intermediary sense of "vagina." Spanish ramera, Portuguese ramiera are from fem. form of ramero"young bird of prey," literally "little branch," from ramo "branch." Breton gast is cognate with Welsh gast "bitch," of uncertain origin. Compare also
strumpet, harlot.

Old Church Slavonic ljubodejica is from ljuby dejati "fornicate," a compound from ljuby "love" + dejati "put, perform." Russian bljad "whore" derives from Old Church Slavonic bladinica, from bladu"fornication." Polish nierządnica is literally "disorderly woman." Sanskrit vecya is a derivation of veca- "house, dwelling," especially "house of ill-repute, brothel." Another term, pumccali, means literally "one who runs after men." Avestan jahika is literally "woman," but only of evil creatures; another term is kunairi, from pejorative prefix ku- + nairi "woman.".

In ancient advanced Goddess centric civilizations, the
Queen of Heaven archetype encompassed all aspects of the female goddess from sacred to profane. These women were priestesses of the "Queen of Heaven" or the physical vessel embodying every facet of the Devine Feminine in human experience, as sister, mother, daughter, and the full spectrum of the goddess from "virgin to whore," both sacred and profane.


female evil spirit, in medieval Hebrew folklore the first wife of Adam, from Hebrew Lilith, from Akkadian Lilitu, which is connected by folk etymology with Hebrew laylah "NIGHT," and was originally a screech owl. 

As we explored fully in the "Sacred and Profane" presentation...
"Its a very taboo subject and a fine line between what was the sacred priestess and somewhere along the line, equally cast down into demonology of the underworld darkness and the nightime as the succubi, where once the the Sumerian Queen of Heaven as Inanna or Babylonian Istar the Morning Star, became Akkadian
Lilitu the Queen of the Damned, the EVEning Star, or the priestess exploited for sexual slavery and servitude as the Mother of Harlotry, again allegorically from Virgin Mary to Prostitute Mary.

These sacred temple priestesses were known in Greek times as heirodules, meaning a slave or prostitute in the service of a temple (as in ancient Greece) from Late Latin hierodulus, from Greek hierodoulos, from hieron "temple" + doulos "slave".  "

I should clarify that This is not just my personal judgement against her. Personally I actually think she's beautifull and extremely sexy, and I would never slut shame women. Im actually certain that an inner "slut" to a certain degree resides within the most primordial nature or Shakti of every woman, and I mean that in a respectful and a powerfull way, a way that can be integrated and healed rather than repressed and denied. 

I actually love some kinky sexuality and Im attracted to the concept of the ancient Sacred Temple Priestess archetype strictly as a creatrix, a healer and initiator into sacred sexuality and mystery traditions, but I'm just following where the research leads me. So I have nothing against you as a person Gaga, just who you work for and what they have you representing and what youre doing to the social culture, especially the role of the FAME MONSTER that you invoke for little girls and teeny boppers.   

GAGA (adj.) 

"CRAZY, SILLY," 1920, probably from FRENCH GAGA "SENILE, FOOLISH,  probably imitative of meaningless babbling.


Gaga Lyrics: 


"I want your psycho, your vertigo shtick

Want you in my rear window

Baby you're sick, I want your love

Love-love-love, I want your love (Love-love-love, I want your love)

You know that I want you

And you know that I need you

I want it bad, bad romance"

HAVE YOU SEEN HER "FAME" PERFUME COMMERCIAL?? It's literally the most disturbing thing i've ever seen advertised publicly. And theres not much that disturbs me these days. >>

And according to Ovid in his Metamorphoses, Fame lives at the center of the world, where earth, sea, and sky meet; from there She can see and hear everything that goes on in the world. Her HOUSEHOLD  located on a tall peak has no doors but instead has a thousand windows and is made entirely of bronze, so that the slightest noise or whisper echoes and reverberates throughout.

This brings us to the etymon ("primitive word") Fam, with cognates like family and famine"

FAMILY (n.) 

early 15c., "SERVANTS OF A HOUSEHOLD," from Latin familia "FAMILY SERVANTS, DOMESTICS COLLECTIVELY, THE SERVANTS IN A HOUSEHOLD," thus also "members of a household, the estate, property; the household, including relatives and servants," from famulus "SERVANT, SLAVE," which is of unknown origin.

Now you will fully comprehend why her slogan and brand is now HAUS OF GAGA, which means 'CRAZY HOUSE' or "INSANE ASYLUM" a NUT HUT, A LOONEY BIN!

Happy family" an assemblage of animals of diverse habits and propensities living amicably, or at least quietly,TOGETHER IN ONE CAGE! 

 [Century Dictionary, 1902] The phrase is attested from 1844.


The Latin word familia rarely appears in the sense of "parents with their children," for which domus (see domestic (adj.)) was used. Derivatives of famulus include famula "SERVING WOMAN, MAID," famulanter "IN THE MANNER OF A SERVANT," famulitas "SERVITUDE," familiaris "of one's household, private," familiaricus "OF HOUSEHOLD SLAVES."

This is why Gaga is always portrayed as the dominatrix with the theme of SEX SLAVES AND MALE SERVITUDE. But she herself is nothing more than a SEX SLAVE to the Illuminati hollywood complex, a sex symbol to create an army of "little monsters" and preteen sex slaves to cult of celebrity.

So, in preemptive response to backlash from Gaga Monster worshippers, claiming that she somehow plays the role of a "sexually liberated role model of fempowerment for girls" and actively speaks out against the industry.... it is in fact, no more than mere lip service. Saying the right things, feigning a stance against the illuminati sex slave hollywood industry, whilst simultaneously being the crowned posterchild for it, doing all the videos with the trancehuman dystopian assurance, the commercials and product lines that overtly speak of a sick and insane future for all parties involved. PEOPLE ARE KNOWN BY OUR FRUITS THAT FALL FROM OUR TREE. And It doesnt take a genius to see the symbolic archetypal role  that I am showing you in this presentation, with conclusive verified symbolism and linguistic personifications.

Strutting the scene in her MEAT SUIT or "MEAT DRAPES" as she accepts he award, which all would claim is in protest against the industry's usage of women as pieces of meat, whilst failing to understand that the very way that the cabal operates is based upon DOUBLE ENTRENDRE, DOUBLESPEAK, DUAL MEANING, on INVERSE, OBVERSE, REVERSE symbolism both forwards and backwards, a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD or like a DUAL HEADED AXE known as the LABRYS of the MINotaur representing the LABia MINora of the goddess LAByrinth, the vulgar symbolism of the metaphorical "MEAT DRAPES." The LAByrinth is the alchemical LABORatory of the goddess which gives LABOR, as covered in my full "
Navigating the Maze" presentation, but i digress.

So Is she protesting women as being meat, or is it overt symbolic allusion that they are in fact being nothing more than meat in the industry grinder of social engineering of the what is called the  inauthentic female?

This is an ignorant act of protest to mock the mass sacrifice of animals for meat. A vain attempt at portraying a protest for womens rights whilst mocking the mass exploitation of female animals as breeders for human consumption. Does she REALLY CARE about rights? Compare to people like Paul Mccartney who ONLY ALLOWS VEGAN FOOD to be promoted at all of his events.

Does she really care? No. Of course not. She's a pawn and a victim of the industry, likely tramautized by the exploitation, but lacking the REAL SELF WORK and integrity to ACTUALLY SAY NO to the symbolic handling of everything she produces.

So is she just doing what her contract handlers and managers are directing her to show? You may not REAL EYES just what happens to the posterchild celebrities when they SPEAK OUT FOR REAL and BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS! There is no breaking the sacred oath to the Brotherhood of the Bel, and the ISISterhood of Death, the Cult of Venus, without paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Here's her metallica back tattoo which is actually just the Silence of the Lambs moth. The moth is interchangeable with the butterfly in CIA operation Monarch Mind Kontrol programs of sex slaves and ritual abuse cults. Hence the SILENCE of the innocent LAMBS. Keep QUIET and Do not bite the hand that feeds. 

Cult of personality venerates celebrity culture as IDOLS or EYE DOLLS, EYE CANDY to revere and vainly attempt to live up to. EYE CONS, unnatural and unrealistic standards of HOLLY WOOD beauty and fame.

The concept of WOODEN IDOLS and totems goes back to ancient times, such as Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian, fertility totems and figures. 

The same can be said for today, as it's nothing but neo Hollywood Babylon.

We often refer to sweet or beautifull females as "dolls". "She's such a doll! Oh isnt she a DOLL?!"
But what is a doll??

Once upon a time, dolls were pieces of artwork, meticulously hand crafted from porcelain, each one unique and appreciated for their flaws, every detail lovingly painted by hand to withstand the test of time. Now only to be cast from cheap plastic, mass produced, all identical. To be flawed or imperfect is to be discarded.


 A True leader is someone who rises to leadership by EXAMPLE and actually possessing true virtues and feats of genuine and righteous character and integrity, meaningful qualities, which is why so many celebrities who are NOT PEOPLE ANYONE SHOULD LOOK TO AS ROLE MODELS or leaders, are people who are thrust into the spotlight and granted positions of social influence when they actually possess no true spiritual or moral integrity or character, dignity or integrity in the path to authentic selfhood over the herd mentality, and thus, they end up unraveling, and imploding, mentally and emotionally cracking, breaking, and ground up in the mill of media gossip culture and drama, while the true people who deserve influence will speak out and usually end up fading to the background or "exiting stage left."   

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